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ALI PROJECT – Ranse Eroica July 17, 2010

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Track Listing

  1. Ranse Eroica
  2. Ude kaina
  3. Ranse Eroica (instrumental)
  4. Ude kaina (instrumental)

1. Ranse Eroica

I really don’t know how to describe Ranse Eroica fully because it’s so different than previous songs because it mixes their usual goth rock with electronica and it made a pretty interesting collision.  Arika’s vocals at first bothered me because they were filtered pretty heavily, but after that, it definitely gets better.  Pretty dramatic for a synthy song.  I do like it even though it sounds like a hot mess.

2. Ude kaina

Why does it seem like recently their B-sides have actually made the cover art seem right?  I mean “Takarajima” really captured the cover art for “Datengoku Sensen” quite perfectly.  Ude kaina follows the same, but not as obvious for the cover art here.  Unlike the energetic performance in “Ranse Eroica”, Ude kaina has a stronger orchestral feel mixed with small synth parts throughout.  Even Arika’s vocals sound more fuller and stronger as well giving the song a rather imperial feel to it.  Then again she always does these in flying colors.



I really am starting to fall for ALI PROJECT ever since I started reviewing them.  I think it’s the fact that they can bring originality with whatever they do and well is a duo that has been together even before I was born.  Ranse Eroica might slipped a slight bit with the arrangement being as wild as it is, but I did enjoy Ude kaina quite a bit.  Wonder what’s next for them.


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