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Megumi Hayashibara – A Happy Life July 22, 2010

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Track Listing

  1. A Happy Life
  2. Lucky & Happy
  3. A Happy Life (Off Vocal Version)
  4. Lucky & Happy (Off Vocal Version)

1. A Happy Life

Guessing from the title, I kind of knew this song was going to be a feel-good song and with the whole arrangement, I was definitely behind the feel of it.  Now Megumi’s vocals have always been hit or miss (partly because of her seiyuu status).  It kind of shows itself a bit here, but it’s not caked on too much, but maybe trying to be a little cuter would’ve worked maybe?  I don’t know, but this song is an interesting happy song.

2. Lucky & Happy

I kind of thought the B-side of the single was going to be just as peppy and in some cases it is, but the instrumentation is a little bit lighter than “A Happy Life”.  The song also is a tad slower as well, but I don’t think this song really missed a step…until the chorus where it’s like the chorus is just a little off for me.  Cute yes, but did we need to hear it like that?



While A Happy Life is a part of the “CHOICE” era, it was released two months prior to “Plain” (album before “CHOICE”) .  Also this single was released in 2007, so you know how stretched out this era has been.  Both songs capture cute in a nice way and Megumi wasn’t trying to hard to be immensingly cute, but Lucky & Happy kind of failed that way lol.


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