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YuiKaori – Futari/VIVIVID PARTY! July 25, 2010

Filed under: YuiKaori — solarblade @ 12:06 am

Track Listing

  1. Futari
  3. Futari (off vocal ver.)
  4. VIVIVID PARTY! (off vocal ver.)

1. Futari

I’m not sure why, but it seems they decided to combine both the songs from their last single “Our Steady Boy” to create Futari which is an anime ending of course.  It’s cute but there’s a good choice of instruments used.  To me they picked up on a good note and the song has catchy parts and the vocals aren’t as icky as their debut.


I’m kind of happy that the B-side sounds a lot like something from when the girls were in Team DEKARIS.  The other A-side of this single has a rather techno-ish vibe, but still retaining that idol-like appearance.  I thought the girls sung quite good, but their harmonizations are still kind of meh.  I do think it’s their best A-side yet to be honest.



Yes, I do think Futari/VIVIVID PARTY! trumps their debut single by a long shot.  I want to see them working on getting better harmonization and a little bit of Yui getting away from her squeaky ass voice.  I’m interested in seeing where this duo goes next!


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