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Strawberry Flower – Pikmin Dance August 7, 2010

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Track Listing

  1. Pikmin de Techno
  2. Pikmin no March
  3. Pikmin Ondo

1. Pikmin de Techno

So let me straighten this now, this single are remixes of “Ai no Uta” which was the song used for the first Pikmin.  Also you will not have vocals present in the entire single which is a bit disappointing but whatever.  The first song which is more of an electropop mix of the song is so energetic and has a very DDR-like feel to it which is great, but lyrics would’ve helped quite a bit.

2. Pikmin no March

Yup, if you guessed right, the next mix is a march version of the song and it’s very strange since it’s not really entirely a pure march since you don’t have strange synths, or more or less, accordion present in marches.  I mean it’s pretty regal in a way, but I want a pure march not this other synthetic and strange stuff.

3. Pikmin Ondo

I’m guessing Pikmin Ondo would be the tune that would sound the most like Japanese culture, but it’s kind of funny to listen to because of whatever is playing the melody of Ai no Uta.  I mean I can imagine Yazima Biyoushitsu singing along to this version of the song which is so uncomfortable to say.  Still it’s lulzy.



I know for all purposes this is a remix single and all that, it’s still worth reviewing since it’s so rare and out of print for that matter.  Pikmin Dance is a useless buy if you have “Ai no Uta” in the first place, but I guess it’s good for people who like different instrumentations.


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