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Zwei – Koyubi no Paradox August 8, 2010

Filed under: Zwei — solarblade @ 3:00 am

Track Listing

  1. Koyubi no Paradox
  2. Forever More
  3. Koyubi no Paradox (off Vocal)
  4. Forever More (off Vocal)

1. Koyubi no Paradox

Uhm wow…Last time I heard Zwei was their last single “DISTANCE” roughly two years ago.  Koyubi no Paradox is such a devoided thought to happen for the duo (I’ll explain in the overall thoughts).  My jaw is still dropping for the entire switch from J-rock into J-anime-pop.  I mean I don’t know why but it just sounds so foreign for me especially hearing Ayumu in this situation.  I don’t even know if Megu is still alive in this song since the bass is covered so much by the damn synths.  This will definitely take some time to get used to.

2. Forever More

So of course Forever More sounds a little more like Zwei but a little more exciting.  I found this a much easier tune to swallow since it has actually instruments and holds back on the whole synth blast.  It still is pretty loud of songs but at least Megu is mostly present.  I still don’t enjoy that it’s anime-esque since it comes off a little corny, but it’s much better than “Koyubi no Paradox”.



Let me explain, Zwei was on UNIVERSAL JAPAN where they only released two singles (“1+1=2” and “DISTANCE”) before taking a hiatus and getting booted from the label.  Since then Ayumu has released a single (“Occultics no Majou” which I’ll review) and Megu did some background music stuffs.  What we didn’t know I guess was that with Ayumu’s solo single it turns out Zwei was transferred to friggin 5pb. Records (Yui Sakakibara’s label) and was I terrified, saddened and scared for my life.  I just couldn’t imagine the duo stooping low enough to join them…Koyubi no Paradox is definitely the reason why I was worried because it’s just not them and everyone would say that, I know.


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