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HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR – Re:ache August 10, 2010

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Track Listing

  1. Re:ache
  2. night light parade
  3. day dreaming
  4. RED (Live ver.)

1. Re:ache

It’s really odd that HandMC is disbanding to a song like this since it’s not like them to release something so light.  It’s like a more interesting “Hana Fubuki” but with HALCA at the reins.  I’ll be honest, but I was bored with this song since both HALCA and Yuusuke (and the band for that matter) since they weren’t giving a good performance IMO.  At least the two singers can mesh well in he second verse and chorus.  Maybe Yuusuke’s a little off but w/e.  Not the best song to leave fans off with.

2. night light parade

While we knew the next two songs for quite awhile from them through various lives, I thought that night light parade was much more impressive as a final song than “Re:ache” was just because it was more like their sound.  I mean there’s a whole lot of Yuusuke to be heard in the song, but when HALCA comes in she really kicks ass.  I mean her vocals to me sound much more fuller and louder than Maaki.  Good energy all around in this song ^_^

3. day dreaming

As for the other B-side, day dreaming is surprisingly louder than both the previous songs and it sort of kind of puts me in that same mood that “Remember” did.  I mean Yuusuke does rap quite a lot in this song however and HALCA is like bridge and chorus which isn’t new to the whole HandMC line of songs.  It’s still interesting nonetheless and arrangement it’s the strongest of three, but I wouldn’t want Yuusuke rapping in the song, sorry.

4. RED (Live ver.)

Ending off their final single is a live version of “RED” which was released in December of last year as a digital single.  I really liked the fact that HALCA can kick just as much ass live like in the studio versions.  RED still sounds great and Yuusuke is back to his awesome yelping he does like in previous big songs of theirs.  Great live version of this song for sure.



Wow, I can’t believe that HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR is disbanding.  It just seems to have been such bad luck for the band since Maaki left.  Though it sucks more that the reason of the disbandment was musical differences and worry of the future for their sound.  I mean why bother getting a new lead singer when you had this going on.  Even then, HALCA is an amazing choice to have replaced and she sings Maaki songs even better IMO.  So sad that Re:ache is their final single and it’s not a very good A-side to leave us with.  I mean night light parade and day dreaming were so much better and more personality was shot through those songs.  RED…live?  Oh yeah, just as good!


One Response to “HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR – Re:ache”

  1. Kin Says:

    I’m pretty much with you on this, especially with Re:ache.

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