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Akiko Hasegawa – Sunrise! August 17, 2010

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Track Listing

  1. Sunrise!
  2. 2100 Nen no Tokyo Tower
  3. Stay Tuned!
  4. Sunrise! (Instrumental)
  5. 2100 Nen no Tokyo Tower (Instrumental)
  6. Stay Tuned! (Instrumental)

1. Sunrise!

You know what, after her last A-side I was surprised she didn’t keep her electro sound because Sunrise! sounds like an epic strings song like “Astrogation”.  I mean there’s a lot of them present for the song.  It seems that Akiko has gotten a whole lot better at singing and she isn’t sounding horrible like her B-side of the last album.  I was pleasantly surprised at the switch of genres and hoping she does more like this tune.

2. 2100 Nen no Tokyo Tower

As the 1st B-side of the single, 2100 Nen no Tokyo Tower is a bit more towards synth-pop and I liked whoever arranged this song because it sounds like something I would hear in a Bomberman game since it’s a little synthy and yet reined to sound melodic.  Now Akiko’s vocals aren’t all amazing here, but it does give the song a much more cuter vibe.  It’s actually kind of a nice tune.

3. Stay Tuned!

I think the single kind of slipped on the 3rd track of the single.  It does musically remind me of the last song, but somehow I just feel rather not attatched to the song simply because of how more important the music is than the vocals.  Though on the positive side of things, Akiko’s vocals when they’re this soft is so much nicer to listen to and kind of makes it breezy.  Ok, maybe it’s not so bad, but the other two were better.



Wow, who knew Akiko released a second single!  I actually think this is so so SO much better than “LEVEL∞”.  It’s a bit shocking to see the farcry of styles between the two singles (only 5pb. Records is capable of this).  I think this is a much better style (don’t get me wrong euro/8bit/electro is pretty cool as well, but Akiko’s vocals seemed better like this and at least her arrangements has more effort (take notes Yui Sakakibara!).


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