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Anna Tsuchiya – Shout in the rain August 18, 2010

Filed under: Anna Tsuchiya — solarblade @ 12:35 pm

Track Listing

  1. Shout in the rain
  2. GUN! GUN! LOVE!
  3. Atashi x ORE ~mash up PE’Z~

1. Shout in the rain

Everyone who knows me that I really enjoy Anna’s darker rock songs that she brings up every so often and Shout in the rain is pretty grungy in execution, but there’s something not right.  I mean I love the dark atmosphere that it gives, making it almost gothic-like.  Anna’s vocals are somewhat fitting but it’s like it’s missing that total Anna spark that I love in songs (like “Atashi”).  Maybe if it was a litttle more powerful, perhaps it would’ve been better, but otherwise it’s nott totally amazing but it’s passable.


However, I actually ended up enjoying the B-side since it’s like different which is good since she mostly excels at non-rock songs.  The energy from Anna with this overly brass-arrangement is so exciting and just fits her personality.  Now when it was first heard I thought it was a new version of “HEY NOW!” (B-side from “Atashi”) just because she said it a few times in the song.  Still, way better than I thought it’d be.

3. Atashi x ORE ~mash up PE’Z~

So ending the single, Atashi gets remixed and we change the song into more of a jazz style of a song.  I didn’t think Atashi would sound good in this kind of style, but Atashi sounds pretty exciting with the new arrangement and upbeat style.  At least it beats that last remix to death since it’s unbearable to listen to.



As the third and final single for the “RULE” era, Shout in the rain is an upgrade from “Atashi” but only because two songs sounds better than one haha.  Shout in the rain is just a little too melodramatic and strange sounding for me.  However GUN! GUN! LOVE! and the Atashi remix were winners in my book.  Maybe she needs more brass in her life! XDDD


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