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Haruka Shimotsuki – Hikari no Amaoto ~SACRED DOORS element maxi side Undine~ August 18, 2010

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Track Listing

  1. Hikari no Amaoto (instrumental)
  2. Mizu wo Utsusu Mono
  3. Nagareru Kago no Naka
  4. Mizu wo Utsusu Mono (off vocal)
  5. Nagareru Kago no Naka (off vocal)

1. Hikari no Amaoto (instrumental)

I never understand why singles have intro songs on them and I probably never will.  Hikari no Amaoto opens up this single like I would’ve thought so.  There’s synths, piano, and some other interesting choices of sound playing while the background has a rainstorm going.  After that, the rain stops and is replaced by harp, flute, and strings.  That transition was really nice and the melody of the flute sounds super nice.  Very nice intro.

2. Mizu wo Utsusu Mono

Going into the two important songs of the single, Mizu wo Utsusu Mono is definitely what I was expecting from Haruka since she’s like one of the perfect voices for folk-like music.  Of course I’m liking the arrangement since it flows nicely, fits Haruka’s style very well and her vocals aren’t as tight as they are sometimes in her stuff.  It does remind me of the stuff she’s done on the VOLKSLIED albums so that’s a plus.

3. Nagareru Kago no Naka

Then of course the last song of the single is more of a folkish ballad which doesn’t surprise me either.  I do love the amount of strings present for the song since they push out the sadness of the song.  I’ll be honest, but she’s got better ballads, but I do like the flow of the song since it’s slow and a little waltz-y in places.  I even hear marimba in there too…strange but cool beans.



Now I don’t know what exactly is the deal with Haruka and SACRED DOORS, but I do know this isn’t the first time she had a tie-in to this series (not a surprise).  It’s pretty a pretty normal release for her since it’s just mostly her normal style here.  Hikari no Amaoto though is a pretty introduction though, that I’ll admit.


7 Responses to “Haruka Shimotsuki – Hikari no Amaoto ~SACRED DOORS element maxi side Undine~”

  1. aquagon Says:

    To put it in a simple way, SACRED DOORS is one of Shimotsuki’s mainstay projects (very much like the Laq-Quara and Tindharia series of hers are), and it began as a short-novel scenario written by herself.

    • solarblade Says:

      I was hoping to see you comment on this. I definitely didn’t understand this release AT ALL. So it means that this isn’t totally an official release to stuff like “Saigo no Michishirube”?

      LOL, I didn’t know about this until my feedreader told me that this was out…I was like x.x

      • aquagon Says:

        Correct, since this one was released by one of the groups she manages, CRAFTSCAPE, during this Comiket.

        And actually, she released three other albums too: a single with the “kukui” band, and two voice dramas, one for Lag-Quara (Kasou Shoujo ~Lip-Aura~), and other for Tindharia no Tane (Sorezore no Hanamatsuri), both including new songs as well, but none of them have been leaked to the ‘net yet.

      • solarblade Says:

        Hmmm…I saw the kukui thing on kmc so I’m passing that up. Though now I’m interested to possibly review those other two Haruka singles….hope they actually leak

  2. aquagon Says:

    Ok, both albums have been leaked, and I’ll be adding them to a thread in FFShrine later on.

    However, keep this on mind:

    both are drama CDs, with Kasou Shoujo ~Lip-Aura~ Prelude having only three songs (one being “Nemuri no Hate no Aoi Hana” from Michibiki no Harmony), and Sorezore no Hanamatsuri having only a song: Doko Demo Aru Ashita, so I’d advise you to review only the songs and not pay any attention to the drama tracks, at least until someone translates them to reveal what their stories are about.

    • solarblade Says:

      OHHHH, they’re drama CDs….I’ll prolly download them later, but I’ll pass them up reviewing….though I am thinking of reviewing VOLKSLIED 3

      • aquagon Says:

        Oh, ok then.

        Anyways, it seems I won’t be able to add the links for now, since FFShrine is under maintenance right now (and that will take two days, according to the message that pops out in there).

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