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Daichi Miura – The Answer August 22, 2010

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Track Listing

  1. The Answer
  2. Gotta Make You Mine
  3. Human Nature

1. The Answer

I’m surprised that the first A-side of the era isn’t a ballad of sorts.  It’s great to see him keep up with his dance style that we’ve gotten used to from him.  Now his vocals this time around isn’t as great as it was on “Delete My Memories”, but it’s passable…just doesn’t need to yell through the chorus like that.  I think it’s alright for right now.

2. Gotta Make You Mine

For the first B-side, Gotta Make You Mine sort of drifts away from a dance style to a more urban-like sound.  The thing that caught me was how much better Daichi was singing in this song compared to the A-side.  Now I know by lyrics that it’s just a little cheesy since it’s obvious on what it’s about.  Ok, it might not have been what I was expecting but I liked it.

3. Human Nature

I’m not beefing seeing many artists covering Michael Jackson since he’s gone, but I’m surprised to see Daichi actually covering Human Nature of all songs.  I remember listening to this song when I was pretty young, so it’s a treat to hear a cover of this one.  Daichi actually does a nice job at trying to sound good in English, but he does have his slip-ups.  I mean it’s not as good as oher recent covers of other MJ songs, but this is alright.



Oh Daichi…While I thought your last few songs “Inside Your Head”, “Delete My Memories” and “Who’s The Man” were excellent tunes, The Answer isn’t as strong as those, but, it’s sill good for starting a new era off with.  As cheesy as Gotta Make You Mine is, it’s different and I’m sure older fans will probably take it as nostalgia to his first era.  Human Nature is a good cover, not amazing…but still pretty good.


One Response to “Daichi Miura – The Answer”

  1. wjohns Says:

    LOL. You’re way ahead of me, I still have to review his Who’s The Man album. However, I do enjoy reading your reviews every now and then. XD

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