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ALI PROJECT – Katana to Saya August 27, 2010

Filed under: ALI PROJECT — solarblade @ 5:10 am

Track Listing

  1. Katana to Saya
  2. Haizakura
  3. Katana to Saya (instrumental)
  4. Haizakura (instrumental)

1. Katana to Saya

The opening for Katana to Saya is so interesting to me because of how it moves, but once the song actually starts it becomes much lighter of a song and while I enjoy the stringwork within the song, Katana to Saya seems to have something missing that kind of disappointed me.  I mean the other were pretty energetic tunes from ALIPRO, but this one just felt a bit too safe for em…at least Arika sounds good in the song still.

2. Haizakura

Hey, you know it’s starting to become where ALIPRO’s better songs are the B-sides.  This song would be perfect on their next strings album since that’s just what it is here.  Arika’s vocals are calm and surprising quite opera-like which makes this such an amazing listen.  Definitely the preferred tune.



I was expecting one of the singles to somewhat slip after such amazing singles and with Katana to Saya it had to be the one with a cool name.  My problem was that the A-side is just a little too plain (and that’s kind of shocking since this is ALIPRO and all).  However, they won me over with Haizakura’s orchestral feel and her amazing vocals through it.  Time for a best-of yet?


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