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BUCK-TICK – Kuchizuke September 2, 2010

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Track Listing

  1. Kuchizuke
  2. Yougetsu
  3. Kuchizuke -Shiki TV Size- (Shiki Edition Bonus Track)

1. Kuchizuke

I know I haven’t been following BUCK-TICK for long, but I actually enjoyed this is a bit more than “Dokudanjou Beauty”.  It felt really different hearing a more darker song from this J-rock band.  There’s something about Atsushi’s vocals that sound angry and pretty epic singing this.  I was surprised they didn’t explode in the chorus, but it’s a small setback because I enjoyed most of the song anyways.  Good song!

2. Yougetsu

Taking things a little bit slower, Yougetsu sounds really depressing and very emo.  Then again you’re talking about BUCK-TICK so it’s not a surprise at all.  Now, Atsushi’s vocals are pretty much filtered through the entire song.  Now I’m not fully deep within the V-kei community, but even I know that this song is just a little too boring of a song for me.  There’s just a lot of bad connections in the song and just seemed made in 5 minutes…like it’s nothing to shake at.



Being the 2nd and final single for the “RAZZLE DAZZLE” era, BUCK-TICK did it good with Kuchizuke and I ended up liking it quite a bit.  There’s just something about it that was really good and being a tie-in to an anime, that could be the reason why I liked it alot.  Yougetsu however, kind of just bombed all around and I hope it doesn’t make the album’s cut.


2 Responses to “BUCK-TICK – Kuchizuke”

  1. keyinjpop Says:

    Bad news. Yougetsu did make the cut but I think its going to be altered a bit. Same for the A-sides but still the album should be interesting.

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