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Satsuki – CRYSTAL September 3, 2010

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Track Listing

  3. HEART


Being Satsuki’s 2nd single, CRYSTAL sounds like something that’s lighter than stuff from Rentrer en Soi.  I actually like the change for this song since it’s not symphonic in anyway shape or form which is good.  His vocals also sound straightforward and doesn’t really stray into anything that’s weird.  It’s your J-rock song and done very well.


Being the shortest song off the single, RAIN DROP begins with a pretty interesting piano-laced intro.  Sounds like it was performed in a pretty large room haha.  RAIN DROP does become another rock tune from Satsuki, but I liked the arrangement and riffs throughout.  It’s of course an edgier song than “CRYSTAL”, but it’s short and sweet.


HEART though brings in the strings now which Satsuki has been using for most of his songs released.  At least it’s still not fully a symphonic V-kei tune.  I like that HEART actually uses acoustic guitar and Satsuki has help in singing as well which is pretty nifty.  Compared to the last two songs, this is slower but it showed off more of Satsuki’s vocals and it’s actually not that bad.


Ending the single, DAZZLE very different compared to the rest of the single because of the song’s mysterious-sounding arrangement and with Satsuki’s higher-pitched vocals it really does stand out on the single.  It kind of reminds me of his vocals in “Veil of MARIA” on his last single.  Not sure to really classify it, but it ends the single on a weird note…but I like the piano’s melody.



Since “CRYSTAL” is Satsuki’s 2nd single for the “UPPER REGION” era, I though this was better than his debut, but I still think “MOON SPIRAL” beats it.  At least Satsuki stuck with rock for this single and for the most part he did well with the first three.  DAZZLE is a bit of the more symphonically driven songs like a few songs from “AWAKE”.  Good single though.


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