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Kalafina – Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa September 14, 2010

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Track Listing

  1. Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa
  2. adore
  3. Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa ~instrumental~

1. Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa

You know we haven’t had much of a ballad for an A-side since “fairytale” and that was a while ago.  I’ll be honest, I wasn’t prepared for Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa to be so plain…I mean it’s of course at the typical Kajiura-epic status, but I find it surprising that it’s only the trio, strings, and piano.  At least after the beginning, drums, guitars and flute join in the fray and it makes the song stand out, but the girls get covered up by the music and they seem like they’re singing afar.  At least KEIKO and WAKANA sound great in their solos.  Not the most amazing song they have, but it’s better than “Hikari no Senritsu” so it’s a step-up.

2. adore

For the first time for Kalafina, one of their electro-y songs appears as a B-side.  Now everyone knows I love their dance style with their songs and it even opens up a little similar to “progressive”.  Then again, with KEIKO singing again, it’s not a surprise her voice is so comfortable in this style.  Somehow, it does feel like something I’d hear in an anime, but it’s not bad, but I couldn’t hook to this as fast as other electro songs from the trio.



After the almighty “Red Moon” album, I was wondering what we’d get for our first single for their 3rd era and Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa might be at the lower end of the list of favorites.  I’m not sure why but the title tracktook off a bit too slow and took a while to get where it needed to become good, but it’s still a ballad and while Kalafina gets em right, this one isn’t as memorable at first glance.  Same can be said with adore, but I’m sure I’ll warm up to that faster since it’s danceable.  Maybe their 2nd single will boost the era up where it needs to be.


UVERworld – Qualia

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Track Listing

  1. Qualia
  2. Wakasa Yue Entelecheia (CD only)
  3. Ultimate (CD only)
  4. Sparta (Limited bonus track CD only)
  5. Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi (Gundam Edition only)
  6. CHANGE (Gundam Edition only)
  7. Qualia ~for Movie~ (Gundam Edition only)

1. Qualia

Well, I guess we’re going back to a more ballad-y side to UVERworld.  Their last one, “Kanashimi wa Kitto” wasn’t that big for me because I’m so used to their rock songs and anime themes that it was a surprise.  Qualia at least isn’t boring and has a strong side to it as well since it’s tied to GUNDAM and all.  GUNDAM ballads are hit and miss for me, but I think UVERworld handled it very well and TAKUYA’s vocals are great, if not a little shaky in the chorus.  Still better than “Kanashimi wa Kitto” though.

2. Yue no Entelecheia

There’s just something about that title that’s so odd and cool.  Yue no Entelecheia begins with some acoustic guitar and some synths before entering into the main song which is as odd as its title.  I felt a bit disconnected when TAKUYA was singing/speaking in the verses and chorus.  It’s a bit like how messy “GOLD” was when I first listened to it, but Yue no Entelecheia is just messy all over…then again UVERworld always have these kind of oddball songs in each era so it’s no surprise.

3. Ultimate

Ok, so I’m wondering why that Ultimate (being the first song known before the previous two tracks) wasn’t an A-side because this definitely beats out the other two new songs.  Even then, it’s funny that this isn’t tied to the GUNDAM series because it fits oddly better than “Qualia”.  Once again, I feel like TAKUYA’s vocals are a bit shaky in the chorus and all, but the rest of it is quite good.  Definitely one of the better B-sides they’ve had.

4. Sparta

The rest of the single has old songs.  I’m not sure why Sparta is featured on the single because it’s a bonus track that follows after “Ultimate”.  Coming from their last album, “LAST”, Sparta is one of the more harder tracks from the album and I can’t remember if I enjoyed it a lot because of its loud style and TAKUYA’s speak/sing style.  Well…from the album review I guess I disliked it a lot, but now I wonder why I didn’t enjoy it.  It’s still not the best, but I’ve grown to enjoy it a bit more.

5. Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi

The other two tracks are also old, but they are found on the GUNDAM edition of this single because…well they’re tied to the series as well as “Qualia”.  The oldest of the two comes from “AwakEVE” and was their 12th single.  It’s also their best selling single so this song had to be on the single of course.  I can see why this was huge since the song sounds amazing with the guitar chords and TAKUYA’s strong vocals.  It’s my favorite of the GUNDAM themes from UVERworld so that should tell you something.


Wow, my third time reviewing this song.  Originally coming off of “GOLD” as a B-side and an album track from “LAST”, CHANGE isn’t as grand as the last song, but it keeps the energy going and sometimes I like some parts of the song more than “Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi” which is a surprise, but other times this goes under so I keep switching between the two themes.  Love em!



Beginning a new era, Qualia is a bit of a surprise because of it’s ballad-like qualities but it’s not bad for a GUNDAM theme.  However, I think Ultimate should’ve been the A-side here just because it wasn’t slow or weird like Yue no Entelecheia.  The additional songs also gave a nice touch (even though I still have no idea why Sparta was included).  Pretty good single and the GUNDAM edition was just what it needed ^_^


Pokemon ~Generation 5~: CC September, IT’S FINALLY HERE (in 4 days x.x)

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Well we are finally down to the wire and Pokemon Black & White is released in Japan in 4 days.  Corocoro also was released a few days earlier than planned so I’m gonna go through what’s been going on through the last few weeks!  Could you believe that there’s new things mentioned?

  • Well, the biggest of them all is the fact the Generation 1-4 will not have new pre-evos or evos and it makes sense since Isshu is based off of New York and in the Pokeworld, it’s way across from the other 4 places (and all those regions in the side games). 
  • That being said, Mamanbou IS NOT an evolution for Luvdisc (wow…that’s just odd) 
  • Add in that there’s no split evolutions (Example: Gloom to either Vileplume or Bellossom)
  • Total Pokemon this Generation: 156
  • Dento isn’t the only gym leader in the first.  It’s Dento, Podda, and Kon and each of the gym leaders own one of the monkeys: Dento = Yanappu, Podda = Baoppu, and Kon = Hiyappu.
  • Aloe is the second gym leader, but still unknown as to what she exactly owns…
  • Dream World is still unknown, but at least previous gen PKMN are found that way (which means it’s probably post-Elite Four)
  • Unfortunately, there is still no Dark gym… 

Let’s get into our new Sugumori arts!

Desukan, Denchura, Doryuuzu, and Ononokusu


So we have to go through our Oha Suta PKMN that were released 2-3 months ago (by accident?).  Out of the four, Desukan really piqued my curiousity because of the fact it’s a damn sarcophagus.  I was a little disappointed that it’s a lone Ghost type and not a dual, but I’ll live because it looks really evil.  It does remind me of Cloyster a little bit with the whole hide your parts inside deal, but we’ll see how it goes because it’s definitely a cool looking PKMN.

Yay, it’s true that there’s a Bug/Electric type in the 5th Generation and it’s the first of such typing as well.  Denchura is so damn cute and to know that it possibly can learn Spider Web and Zap Cannon is so daunting!  I think I’ll be using this one alot in the game ^_^

In one of the videos that was released on Japan’s Wii Nintendo Channel, we get to officially see that Moguryu evolves into this badass of a Pokemon who’s typing is Ground/Steel.  Doryuuzu is also kind of realistically short only passing 2 feet…I thought it was bigger when Oha Suta showed it off but w/e.  Pretty cool for a PKMN

So…I have to also tell, Pokemon Sunday also announced Desukan, Denchura and Ononokusu (weird, no Doryuuzu?).  What weirds me out is that Kibago fully evolves into this thing which is oddly enough still a pure Dragon type.  All we need now is the connection between cute and freaky XD

Yanappu, Hiyappu, and Baoppu

So, right around when Kibago was found out, there was another little toy next to it that looked like it had broccoli on its head.  Turns out Yanappu, a Grass type was real and is also Dento’s PKMN so of course it was shown off early.  It’s adorable as well and I hope to be able to catch one of these!

Then the back of the game’s box was leaked out and we saw that there was a glimpse of this PKMN’s back.  Of course if you can’t guess by now, Hiyappu’s a Water type and is Kon’s PKMN as well. 

We get a Fire type as well, even though this looks like a love mixture of Aipom and Chimchar in the most weirdest of ways.  Since this guy was known last it kind of strange.  Still, I love the fact that the three monkeys are based off of the whole , See no, Hear no, Speak no idea and I thought it was clever and even making them the first gym Pokemon even better.

Tabunne & Basurao

These next two Pokemon (along with Emonga and Darumakka) were known since the bus demo of the game was going around.  Tabunne finally gets a Sugumori picture and I still think it looks like an obese MIPS albeit mroe creepy XD.  Hearing about some of the info about it though it seems to be the Chansey of the Generation and Chansey was creepy too LOL.  I know competitively it’ll suck since it’s a Normal type but w/e.

I mean we all know how much we dislike Magikarp, Carvanha, Tentacool, and at various sections Feebas, but Basurao seems to be this Gen’s easy to find Water type.  However, it’s got another side where the red lines change to blue.  Not sure which one is more dangerous, but I rather wonder if it evolves or not cuz damn, it’s pissed off!


Choroneko was seen first with a bunch of other PKMN (and Tabunne’s official Sugumori art) as a preview.  Being a Dark type, Choroneko right now stands out because N’s primary PKMN is this kitty! 

Mebukijika, Monmen, Churine, Tamagetake, Dangoro, Buffalon, and Yorterrie

Yup, you guessed it, Shikijika does evolve into something bigger and a bit more mature looking than some other PKMN xD  Though it’s not a case of Burmy > Wormadam, it also follows which season is currently happening.  So of course, Spring has flowers in it’s antlers, Summer has a full leafy side, I can’t seem to remember Autumn’s, but Winter has snow I think.  It’s an interesting concept and it keeps its Normal/Grass typing as well.

When I first saw this new Grass type PKMN, I kept thinking why did they mix a Hoppip with it’s evolution, Jumpluff to get this guy.  I mean it’s got the Cotton fluff look to it which is cool and I’m sure it’ll learn Cotton Spore (and even Spore for that matter) this time.  I guess we’ll wait till its evolutions come out.

Another Grass type?  Wow, anywho, Churine reminds me of Oddish but more green LOL.  Since there’s not much known about it besides it was shown off early in one of the other Nintendo Channel movies in it’s outside sprite, I can’t say much, but it’s cute too.

If Toad wasn’t enough a reason for this to happen, then I don’t know what I’m thinking anymore!  Tamagetake, A Grass/Poison PKMN, really brought back the whole WTF side because of the top of it is a Pokeball (means of protection, I don’t think so).  Since people claim this as the Voltorb of the generation, I’m not hating this at all and it’s kind of cute too in a way.


So this thing is when it’s all finished and fully evolved, it’s supposed to be a Gigaiasu?  Wow, claimed as the Geodude of the Generation, Dangoro screams parallels more to 3rd Gen’s Beldum and when the fanart of the middle evolution looked like Metang it was so obvious.  Still a pure Rock type though so I guess that’s alright. 

So Tauros finally gets an evolution right?….ERRRRRR WRONG!  With the news that this Generation is all new and to itself Buffalon is its own PKMN which startles me because look how close them two are (same with Mamanbou and Luvdisc, even Yorterrie and Growlithe now)…I have no idea why the creators made something to throw and potentially piss fans off with but it’s just so wrong.  I know the Normal typing there too, but c’mon Isshu is nowhere near Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh.  We’ll see how this turns out.

If it wasn’t for the news, Yooterrie would easily had been thought of as Growlithe’s pre-evo because of how similar they look in design and looks (minus the pie-face).  Even to throw it out, Yooterrie is a Normal type too, but then again Azurill (a Normal type, evolved into Marill, a Water type).  It’s got its own evolutions so that throws all that discussion out the window!

Janobii, Chaobu, and Futachimaru

The biggest discussion in this whole Generation so far is the starters of course.  Now not many people are beefing on Tsutaaja’s line because well, it was going to end up that way and many people actually enjoy it.  The final evolution was leaked too, but hasnt been Sugumori-fied.  Janobii is just what it is and that’s a middle evolution so it doesn’t fully matter to me.  Still smug though ^_^

Out of the three, Chaobu probably has had the most discussion not because of its looks but of it’s typing which is once again the only middle evolution of the last 4 Generations.  Which is made worse when Chaobu’s typnig is Fire/Fighting.  Many people (like me) are tired of this typing of the starters since Combusken < Blaziken, and Monferno < Infernape.  Can we have something different please?

As for the Water type middle, not much has been talked about it as much as it’s evolution where it goes from two legs to four and becomes well…a hunchback Dialga (that’s saying it nicely).  I don’t like it since it just looks awfully different from Mijimaru and Futachimaru.  Time will see if I get used to it. 


Now there’s been FANART (not Sugumori art) of various PKMN that someone has been leaking out lately and since he was correct on them, some of em are looking cool and some are just pure strange (Ice Cream PKMN???).  I’m still waiting on official arts from Darumakka and Hatooboo which they’ve been known for a long time.  Yes, I will go through ALL OF THEM when they all get their Sugumori arts so be prepared ^_^!