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ALI PROJECT – Han Shinnihon Shugi October 7, 2010

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Track Listing

  1. Zekkoku TEMPEST
  2. Dokurogajou no Mikotachi wa Eien ni Gensei no Yume wo Miru
  3. Heisei Nihon Zankoku Monogatari
  4. Paris to Gaka to Onna
  6. Shijin Juu Kaigoroshi
  7. Rokumeikan Boogie-Woogie
  8. Touhou Doukei Miken Bunroku
  9. Heiwa no Inshi
  10. Kono Kuni yo Shizuka ni Mezametamae (instrumental)

1. Zekkoku TEMPEST

I was starting to maybe think ALIPRO released another strings album especially with the way Zekkoku TEMPEST opens the album with the beautifully done strings section.  I don’t know why, but there is just something about Arika’s vocals that just seems perfect in this kind of style of music which is pretty abstract and yet dark at the same time.  Talk about a dramatic song hahaha, it’s pretty good!

2. Dokuromajou no Mikotachi wa Eien ni Gensei no Yume wo Miru

Wow, talk about having a long ass title…Dokuromajou seems to have thrown the strings to the side for a more synth-based song and it’s a bit strange since it is after “Zekkoku TEMPEST”.  I’m not really sure how else to describe the song, but it’s very different, but then again this is ALIPRO we’re talking about.  It’s definitely not single-worthy, but it’s not bad…just something you have to get used to.

3. Heisei Nihon Zankoku Monogatari

Ok, the last song was weird alright, but Heisei Nihon Zankoku Monogatari is just a tad more off the wall.  I mean yeah, it’s slower than the previous song, but there’s so many weird ideas flying around in the song.  Arika’s singing is probably the best thing found in the song, but I keep getting weirded out from the strange atmosphere and arrangement.  I mean the rather hip-hopish beat is lulzy and when it gets poppier, it’s just iono….WEIIIIIIIIIIIIRD.

4. Paris to Gaku to Onna

I like that accordion begins our next song off with some low brass helping out.  I did feel like this song felt more grand and had a lot of purpose throughout.  There isn’t any percussion , until later in the song though, so it feels like it didn’t have exactly the best direction, but Arika sounds beautiful throughout.  There’s just a lot of sound to try to follow here and sometimes that’s kind of tough, but still it’s very pretty and reminds me of the duo’s strings albums.


At least we get somewhere with SENGOKU GIRL which reminds me of their Lantis releases since it has some interesting ideas going around.  Also I’m surprised that SENGOKU GIRL has the hardest arrangement so far since there’s a lot of synths and guitars and even hearing song BKGD vocals worked as well.  There’s various parts where Arika was trying a little too hard for expressing herself, but I love the energy here for sure.

6. Shijin Juu Kaigoroshi

I immediately thought right from that start that Shijin Juu Kaigoroshi was going to be the oddest song since it was so lighthearted and such.  It does continue this Lantis song sound-alikes and I thought this one was a bit more since this was what I was expecting to hear from ALIPRO.  That being said, it kind of is forgettable in the long run just because it’s surrounded by so many weird songs on the album.

7. Rokumeikan Boogie-Woogie

A boogie-woogie?  I had no idea it was going to actually sound like that.  After the rather lengthy strings opening, the brass enters and the mood of the song turns into a lighter, yet quirky little tune because of the style of the song.  Let’s be honest though, it’s the easiest song to like simply because of the easy-to-follow arrangement and concrete style.  So for me it’s a favorite of mine.

8. Touhou Doukei Miken Bunroku

Another ethnic song huh?  Touhou Doukei Miken Bunroku is one strange sounding song, but it does have a rather cool bhangraish kind of thing going for it and I found myself entranced at how Arika manipulated her vocals to kind of sound like something in Indian.  However, I’m not used to this kind of vocal style from Arika and it comes off as whiny and kind of pitchy, but it’s still rather nice. 

9. Heiwa no Inshi

After such an oddball song, Heiwa no Inshi doesn’t help at all and just fuels the weirdness with this ethereal-like tune.  I find that after all of the weird, yet energetic songs this album produced, this one just seems to be so out of place since it’s relaxing and Arika’s vocals aren’t all over the map and such.  Different, but pretty!

10. Kono Kuni yo Shizuka ni Mezametamae (instrumental)

Since the 10th song is a pure instrumental, I was surprised that it was basically going to be strings-based and it’s not that bad…just a little boring since Arika isn’t singing or anything but it’s still nice and wraps up the album in good fashion.

Tracks Recommended

  • Rokumeikan Boogie-Woogie
  • Heiwa to Inshi
  • Zekkoku TEMPEST

Song of Avoidance

  • Shijin Juu Kaigoroshi

ALIPRO and their Tokuma albums always stand out.  I think to me it’s the best place to sort of let go and experiment and likewise with their last Tokuma album, “Poison” they missed their mark by a big shot.  Han Shinnihon Shugi is definitely a step up, but there’s still some things to work out like vocals, and arrangements…but seriously, it’s not a bad album, just working out the kinks.


2 Responses to “ALI PROJECT – Han Shinnihon Shugi”

  1. cfresh Says:

    This has to be one of the worst album covers ever. Seriously, I can’t stand looking at it. Even Saori@destiny had a better cover, and that’s not saying much. @_@;

    Dokuromajou took a while to grow on me, but I think it’s pretty creative. Sounds like a JRPG theme.

  2. Manabu Says:

    Limited Edition’s cover was so much cooler lmao

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