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Joe Inoue – GO★ October 8, 2010

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Track Listing

  1. GO★
  3. Jinkoueisei

1. GO★

Being used to Joe’s next single “Kaze no Gotoku”, I was wondering what he released before the single and I’m surprised that I ended up enjoying GO★ a whole lot because of its upbeat nature and catchy lyrics and fun vibe.  I really liked Joe’s interest in the song since it gave the song even more of a reason for me to like it.  It’s definitely better than “Kaze no Gotoku” for sure.


Then again I wasn’t exactly expecting WHAT IS YOUR NAME? to be somewhat of a pop/synth/rock/jazz fusion of a song, but somehow…this song kind of passed over my head because I’m not used to Joe’s weird stuff going on here like his whispering, his real deep man voice and high voice.  It’s just a bit too much for just one song.  It’s definitely a hard song to get used to.

3. Jinkoueisei

As for the 2nd B-side, Jinkoueisei takes the low road here and is one of Joe’s more serious songs in the era and his smoky vocals really played well here.  Even when the chorus explodes and brings his vocals to a much rougher state, it’s still pretty damn strong of a song.  Great B-side!

For being the first of the “DOS ANGELES” era, GO★ is surprisingly better than the next single which is not surprising for me.  I think the main song is a good song if you wanna be happy and such and need that extra boost.  Jinkoueisei is more for the people that enjoy his more serious-sounding songs which also did very well for itself.  WHAT IS YOUR NAME? though is just a little strange for me since Joe is utilizing different vocal styles for this one, but the music is relaxing though lmao.


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