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MAA – Ghost Enemy October 14, 2010

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Track Listing

  1. Ghost Enemy
  2. Tomorrow @ Your Kingdom

1. Ghost Enemy

I really don’t know why but MAA debut A-side definitely kind of interest me.  For one thing her voice is pretty deep than some other J-pop artists out there and I like the dark flow of the music.  Unfortunately, that dark flow is way too much like ICONIQ’s “Crystal Girl” and it’s hard not to make that comparison since they’re just too close.  However, besides the fact that the songs are similar I really like both.  MAA’s gets better towards the end since it somewhat moves in a different direction.  I’d say it’s a pretty good first song, even though it took pages out of well a certain ICONIQ book.

2. Tomorrow @ Your Kingdom

As the B-side of the single, Tomorrow @ Your Kingdom is surprisingly the opposite of “Ghost Enemy”.  Comparing, the song has piano and synths of course but the mood is way lighter and seems like a mid-tempo synthpop song.  I don’t know where I stand with the song because it doesn’t really have much to remember it by, but I guess it’s OK as a B-side.

While she isn’t a new artist persay (most will recognize her from her MarBell stuff).  I took a listen and MAA I guess went for a more synth based career starting with Ghost Enemy.  I really enjoyed the A-side despite what’s already been said and Tomorrow @ Your Kingdom is purely B-side material.  I’m happy she announced another single and a mini-album coming up ^_^


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