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Aki Misato & Masaaki Endo – Saigo no Eden/Seikai wo Yuku Kibou no Uta October 22, 2010

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Track Listing

  1. Saigo no Eden
  2. Seikai wo Yuku Kibou no Uta
  3. Saigo no Uta (off vocal)
  4. Seikai wo Yuku Kibou no Uta (off vocal)

1. Saigo no Eden

Since this is a split single and all, I was wondering what we get since Aki’s last collaborative effort was kind of meh with Sena’s song being better and all.  With Saigo no Eden though it makes me wonder where and when did Aki get so good.  I love the whole gothic-like sound for it and the arrangement was really powerful and full of expressive strings and hard-hitting guitar riffs.  Once Aki comes in the song her voice fits snuggly with the edgy atmosphere that’s present and I loved it quite a lot.  Very sweet hitting song and continues this great line of A-sides

2. Seikai wo Yuku Kibou no Uta

Yes I did say that this was a joint single.  This time though this other A-side is sung by a dude!  More famously known as one of the members of JAM Project, Masaaki’s tune is unfortunately what I wasn’t expecting, but makes sense as a ballad.  It sounds more like the ending theme while Aki’s song is the opening and it makes better sense.  I did like that it grew into a powerful chorus, but Masaaki’s vocals have always bothered me and his yelling makes an appearance in a meh kind of way…

I really only reviewed this because Aki’s song is on this and one should know that Saigo no Eden could be on Aki’s 5th album for the most part.  I loved her track a lot and really shows a lot of power and force from her and I’m happy it’s being noticed now…(especially after “from now on” being such a bore).  Masaaki’s track was alright, but for me just wasn’t that good since I don’t really enjoy his vocals much anyways.