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Aki Toyosaki – Boku wo Sagashite October 26, 2010

Filed under: Aki Toyosaki — solarblade @ 7:31 am

Track Listing

  1. Boku wo Sagashite
  2. Patissiere
  3. Sora Sora☆Aozora
  4. Boku wo Sagashite (Off Vocal)

1. Boku wo Sagashite

I was starting to think we were going to get an R&B song from Aki with Boku wo Sagashite, but it’s actually more of a light pop song with maybe light tendencies to R&B.  I really don’t like her whispering vocals in this one since it seems maybe a little bit like YUKI’s vocals just a bit.  However, I do think it flowed better and easier to listen to than “love your life” for sure.  I think I just need time to get used to this.

2. Patissiere

I really think this song is definitely something I would’ve expect Vanilla Beans to have released since it’s very much their sound.  It’s kind of slow and yet a little peppy and cute at the same time.  Aki’s vocals also sound quite cute as well, but at least it’s better than “Boku wo Sagashite’s” whisper fest.  It’s hard to really describe the song, but it’s refreshing and nice to listen to.

3. Sora Sora☆Aozora

Then again I was afraid to come to something like this because this is definitely the uber, peppy, genki cute song of the single and Aki goes into seiyuu mode for the song.  At least it’s not terrible like when Haruka or Shoko does it, but the music is however something I didn’t fully enjoy (what’s with the disc scratching?).  That chorus too is something icky for me…oh well.

Since this is Aki’s 2nd single, I’d say she’s slowly going in the right direction with Boku wo Sagashite.  While the music was better than “love your life” the vocals were of poor choice and kind of bothered me.  Patissiere was the best of the single since it had no problems and was cute but not overbearing like Sora Sora☆Aozora was and that was what made it the worst of the single.  Hope “Dill” does better.


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