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Haruka Tomatsu – Nagisa no SHOOTING STAR October 26, 2010

Filed under: Haruka Tomatsu — solarblade @ 1:29 am

Track Listing

  1. Nagisa no SHOOTING STAR
  2. Hoshi no Stage
  3. Nagisa no SHOOTING STAR (Instrumental)

1. Nagisa no SHOOTING STAR

What’s there to really say about Nagisa no SHOOTING STAR?  I mean it’s one of those happy summer anime themes and it fits nicely, but why does Haruka sound too squeaky cute for this song for some reason?  Her voice doesn’t seem to really change notes throughout and as much as it’s peppy, it just doesn’t work for her here.

2. Hoshi no Stage

Why does Hoshi no Stage sound like something YAZIMA Beauty Salon would’ve used???  To be honest, I prefer this tune over “Nagisa no SHOOTING STAR” since Haruka isn’t acting high like a kite.  Her vocals were easier to swallow and in fact more catchy and interesting of a song than said A-side. 

While this single marks the beginning of Haruka’s 2nd era, Nagisa no SHOOTING STAR wasn’t a good A-side to do that with.  It seems after “Girls, Be Ambitious.” she would’ve known better to not have done this (or at least make Hoshi no Stage the A-side).  Maybe her next single will at least remedy the issue at least.


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