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faylan – Last vision for last October 29, 2010

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Track Listing

  1. Last vision for last
  2. Shizuka na Mitsu Yori Akai Mitsu
  3. Last vision for last (off vocal)
  4. Shizuka na Mitsu Yori Akai Mitsu (off vocal)

1. Last vision for last

If i had knew Last vision for last was going to be this disappointing, I would’ve just skipped it.  Unlike her last A-side which was epic, Last vision for last seems more synth/anime based than her rock-sided songs and such and for the most part it didn’t do anything for me.  I mean faylan’s guitar style is present, but it’s covered by the various synths and thrown off by changes that didn’t make sense like the piano-only part during the choruses.  It’s just kind of a messy song for me.

2. Shizuka na Mitsu Yori Akai Mitsu

Why couldn’t this have been the A-side really?  In my opinion it’s like a more stable and darker song for faylan and I approve of the use of the synths here moreso than in “Last vision for last” since it isn’t beyond messy and faylan’s vocals are pretty strong.  I find it funny that it’s not trying to be explosive and tries to keep it controlled and such.  Still it’s a kickass song.

Ok, I have to say Last vision for last is my least favorite since she debuted.  I wish the song wasn’t so messy its execution and left Shizuka na Mitsu Yori Akai Mitsu take up the A-side since it was immensely stronger than its A-side.  Since it might be the second of the era “Senjou ni Saita Ichirin no Hana” being the first, this was a downgrade.