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Kana Nishino – Kimitte October 31, 2010

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Track Listing

  1. Kimitte
  2. Christmas Love

1. Kimitte

You know, I wish Kana would actually change up her A-sides just a little bit.  I mean ever since she started doing the R&B ballads it has been rather getting harder and harder to enjoy her since they all sound rather similar.  I mean Kana sounds pretty of course (when is she not), but the music is just so one-dimensional now that anything else would be better than this nowadays. 

2. Christmas Love

That’s why her B-sides of recent have mostly been better than the A-sides as of recent.  While it’s still somewhat early for Christmas songs, Kana’s winter tune is pretty simple and still carries the light R&B sound that I have problems with.  At least it’s upbeat and carries the holiday sound tightly.  It’s still a bit simple and kind of plain, but I’ll make an exception here.


Of course since it seems to be the repeating factor to Kana’s singles, GIRLS GIRLS represents the harder or edgy song Kana has.  It doesn’t have as much punch like her previous songs like others, but I liked the fact there was electric guitars and a mix of fluttering strings.  The thing here though is that Kana isn’t totally singing like the other two tracks and just like pseudo-raps in the song. 

While she might have made me a fan during the “to LOVE” era, this one is like repeating the same thing and I’m already kind of getting tired of songs like Kimitte.  I wish there was something that’d make it pop out at me but there isn’t really.  Christmas Love is near it as well, but it’s a Christmas tune so there’s not much you could do…(I mean a sex romp Xmas tune is a bit pushing isn’t it?).  Of course GIRLS GIRLS is definitely experimental stuff and while her not singing is pretty unorthodox, I can get used to it quickly.


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