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Akiko Hasegawa – I Can Fly November 2, 2010

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Track Listing

  1. I Can Fly
  2. On Our Way
  3. Iya da yo Suki da yo
  4. I Can Fly (Instrumental)
  5. On Our Way (Instrumental)
  6. Iya da yo Suki da yo (Instrumental)

1. I Can Fly

I don’t think Akiko is very steady on her music and it shows because all her A-sides have treaded on different style.  I Can Fly is different from the previous songs because it’s more rock-oriented and I actually ended up liking the rather easy hook and arrangement it had.  Akiko’s voice in the verses were pretty good but the choruses was where her vocals started squeaking and making unpleasant and unnecessary sounds.  Overall, it’s alright, but her previous A-sides are a little bit better.

2. On Our Way

As the ending of the same game that “I Can Fly” is from, On Our Way is definitely a song that fits as an ending theme.  It begins with a pretty slow, yet pretty piano line before Akiko comes in.  Her vocals are probably the most negative thing I can think of in this song since they’re too sugary cute and it kind of takes the mood out of the song.  The music though was simple and sweet though so iono…

3. Iya da yo Suki da yo

As the only song to not have a tie-in on the single, Iya da yo Suki da yo is the cutest of the three songs offered on the single and the music is rather nice to listen to though once again.  Unlike the strings and piano from “On Our Way”, we get strings and acoustic guitar as the main instruments.  I still do feel like Akiko’s vocals are just a little bit meh however, but it does fit the style the song calls for.

Akiko’s A-side while does touch new ground for her, her vocals still are somewhat pitchy due to her seiyuu status and she squeaks one too many times.  This problem stays for the rest of the single as well with the main difference is in the arrangement.  Iono, but I Can Fly is probably her worst single yet.


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