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GENERATION 5: 000-027 Teh early ones! November 8, 2010

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So I guess I’ve waited long enough to start this but it’s time to go through all the new PKMN Black & White has to offer ^_^ So let us begin from well…..0 XD

000: Victini

With Victini, the Unova Pokedex is the first region that actually has a legit Pokemon with the number 000.  I know you people are like OMG what about Missingno. and the like but those aren’t totally legit.  It’s also the first new dual type with Psychic/Fire (but shares this with a Zen Mode Darmanitan).  I don’t exactly know what it actually is based off of, but it carries on the tradition of cute legendaries (even though it’s an event PKMN though).  Still, I think it’s very cute, and I might want one since Fire types for me usually aren’t my interest.

001: Snivy, 002: Servine, 003: Serperior


So actually beginning the actual Pokedex, Snivy represents the Grass type and stick to it through all it’s evolutions.  While I still think Snivy still looks a wee bit much like Treecko, it changes into something pretty epic at the end and that’s a grass snake and that makes me happy and Ash owns one!.  While I don’t like middle evolutions much since they’re the kind of lazy-ish products, Servine isn’t so bad, but it feels like it would’ve kept the arms and legs just by guessing, but it didn’t upon its evolution to Serperior.  Of course by normal logic, lvl 17, and lvl 36 (typical level evolutions and all the starters evolve on these numbers too).

004: Tepig, 005: Pignite, 006: Emboar


As the Generation’s Fire starters and already on Ash’s team in the anime, Tepig was actually my initial PKMN that I was going to use when I got White.  Unfortunately as you can tell from Pignite and Emboar, they are they only starters of the Gen. that’s dual-typed.  It sucks though that their typing is Fire/Fighting (which we all know has been a curse since the 3rd Gen with Combusken/Blaziken and Monferno/Infernape).  So I’m probably still gonna choose Tepig, but I’ll prolly not going to exactly enjoy it.  Oh and Emboar = fat Infernape with pig skin XD

007: Oshawott, 008: Dewott, 009: Samurott


Water type starters have been pretty straightfoward through evolutions since we all knew what they turned out to be, but who knew Oshawott would end up turning into a more quadripedal-like Dialga…I mean I still don’t see the resemblance between the evolution of Dewott and Samurott.  It’s just rather bizarre and they way that they (the designers) couldn’t figure what to do with the final evo until they went to an aquarium is just a tad bit more weird.  I know (Remoraid to Octillery) but still strange XD.

Anyways, the starters for the evolution for me were a little more unoriginal this time around with the Grass type not going dual like the last gen, Tepig’s line ending up once again attaining the Fighting type AGAIN, and that oddball Samurott not being a sea otter…Maybe the 6th will be better hopefully XD

010: Patrat, 011: Watchog

Finally getting out of the starters, most of the PKMN of this Generation mirrors the first one is many MANY ways.  Starting with Patrat and Watchog they definitely represent the rodents of well every gen (Rattata/Raticate, Sentret/Furret, Zigzagoon/Linoone, Bidoof/Bibarel).  Of course both are Normal types and they otherwise don’t stand out from the bunch, but I like how Patrat (chipmunk) evolves into Watchog (meerkat).  They are probably only good during the beginning of the game and will prolly fallout during the later parts.  Still PSYCHOTIC CHIPPUMUNKU!

012: Lillipup, 013: Herdier, 014: Stoutland


Yeah, more doggies!  I’m still hoping for a weiner dog PKMN one day.  Anywho Lillipup, Herdier, and Stoutland are of course Normal types and they somewhat parallel other dog types mostly closely with Growlithe/Arcanine since the similarites between Lillipup and Growlithe with the fur color and small other things.  Still a cool looking line of dogs right?

015: Purrloin, 016: Liepard

Since we got doggies, we have to have kitties too and Purrloin and Liepard definitely fits the role.  Even better they are of Dark type and that makes them stand out more than the other cats lines (since they are basically Normal).  I would’ve liked it if they were actually black cats than purple since it makes me think they’re Poison types.

Though in Generation 6, it’s awkward that Purrloin is now on its hind legs than on all fours.  Something I oddly noticed when playing it hahah.

017: Pansage, 018: Simisage

Some of the PKMN though in the generation are entirely on their own accord with no parallels at all and for the first time we get basically two sets of PKMN set in the starter types: Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott and Pansage, Pansear, and Panpour.  Since we get the Grass type first, Pansage and Simisage are ridiculously the cutest of the bunch and since all three elemental monkeys play off the whole “Speak no evil, hear no evil, and see no evil”.  It’s a good play on a phrase and Pansage is prolly the one I want the most.

019: Pansear, 020: Simisear

Of course I’m sensing that this era is doing a better job with bringing Fire types since the 4th was so bad not having many to choose from.  Pansear and Simisear is of course good choices as well, but it feels like later on we’ll get better Fire types to use.  LOL though at Simisear looking like Mario kind of jumped on his head and his body looks squished.

021: Panpour, 022: Simipour

So with the upbringing of Fire types was a surprise for sure, but this Gen shocked me more with the lack of Water types since there’s only a few found (also with the region not having many water paths like the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh region.  Panpour and Simipour are probably the best choice for an early Water type since there’s so few that early in the game.  To me, it always seems these two are female-only since the obviousness right?  YEAAAAAAAH…

Overall, the monkeys are a nifty idea and they all evolve through the Leaf, Water, and Fire Stones and it has been a while since we’ve seen something like this so I’m happy!

023: Munna, 024: Musharna

Yep, as our first pure Psychic types, Munna and Musharna are kind of parraleling Drowzee and Hypno a bit and I don’t mind that since they are both slowish Psychic types and they both kind of are based off the same myths.  I find it pretty sweet though that Munna was based off of what someone said in the R/B/Y games where a trainer mentioned something about a Pokemon with a flowery pattern on its back.  Add on that a special Musharna can be caught and it’s directly important to the story (well the smoke is to initiate the Dream World).  Gimmicky, but interesting nonetheless and Munna evolves with a Moon Stone which like the last 3 lines, something the game hasn’t used in a while!

025: Pidove, 026: Tranquill, 027: Unfezant


Of course, it wouldn’t be a Pokemon game without the typical early birds yknow Normal/Flying types like (Pidgey, Spearow, Hoothoot, Taillow, Starly,) well Pidove really doesn’t look special and due to it looking almost exactly like a Starly it doesn’t do much.  Tranquill looks a bit better and stands slightly more, but still not enough.  It isn’t until it evolves into Unfezant where it really stands out since it looks like it doesn’t even fly, even though it does learn the HM.  Even better is that there’s a big difference between the male and female and that’s in the mask and the overall colors.  Basically the males are the more colorful ones XD.

So this begins my look at the Generation’s new PKMN next time I’ll be going through 028-051


6 Responses to “GENERATION 5: 000-027 Teh early ones!”

  1. Kion Says:

    no matter how many times i see Pokabu’s forms i just can’t get to liking them
    i want my Pokabu though
    i cant wait though some of the new pokemon are pretty amazing looking

  2. Kion Says:

    oh and i think you dont choose which monkey you want i think you get the one thats either weak against your starter or thats strong against your starter

    • solarblade Says:

      Yeah, that’s what it was. Eventually you can catch them all later on though so either it wouldn’t really make a total difference

      • Kion Says:

        ah i dont think i was aware of that one
        so i guess its just to help you out early in the game if you need a specific type

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