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YUI – Rain November 23, 2010

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Track Listing

  1. Rain
  2. a room
  3. How crazy ~YUI Acoustic Version~
  4. Rain ~Instrumental~

1. Rain

I wasn’t sure what YUI would pull off next after her fourth album, but with Rain she keeps the good A-sides rolling.  I guess since she played with the piano a little bit, you hear a bit of it in the song with of course YUI’s guitar skills and it sounds great together.  There’s some places that reminds me of “again”, but otherwise the song is a fun ride for me and I liked how it turned out.

2. a room

Not really changing a lot in instruments for a room, I liked the softer side for this song since it lets YUI sing a little more comfortably (she sounded airy for a bit in “Rain”).  I think a room could be considered a ballad, but it’s fast for one so I’m not sure.  Still it’s a very pleasant listen and stands out amongst her other B-sides I’ve heard.

3. How crazy ~YUI Acoustic Version~

Now if I understand right, this is actually a first for YUI in which she decides to make an acoustic cut of an old, old song (seeing as How crazy came from her sophomore album, “CAN’T BUY MY LOVE”.  I actually don’t remember “HOLIDAYS OF THE SUN” having a promotional track either…hmmm…well there was “Please Stay With Me”, I wonder why that didn’t get an acoustic version.  Either way, the song is of course of sweetness since it sounds so good under acoustic guitar.  Pretty sweet song and I’m sure the original is awesome!

Quickly starting off a new era, Rain continues to show a steady slew of amazing A-sides.  I like the fact that she could make something stand out so well…even though it’s a Christmas tune…it really doesn’t come off as such.  a room was just as nice as well being the slower of the two, but she kept it simple enough and that’s a good enough reason, plus she sounds better in it.  As for the How crazy acoustic version, it might have lost the full blown out energy that made the original pop out, but it’s still an impressive version.


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