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YuiKaori – HEARTBEAT ga Tomaranai! November 23, 2010

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Track Listing

  1. HEARTBEAT ga Tomaranai!
  2. Our Song
  3. HEARTBEAT ga Tomaranai! (off vocal ver.)
  4. Our Song (off vocal ver.)

1. HEARTBEAT ga Tomaranai!

While YuiKaori hasn’t really stood out to me since they debuted, it continues to be this way with the release of the A-side.  Just like the previous A-sides, it’s very anime-like and with such ideas it also reminds me of “Our Steady Boy” which could be good or bad, since I did like that song a little, but repeating said sound is kind of blah.  I guess it’s ok and Yui and Kaori do sound great, but some parts with Yui are kind of tight sounding and not gooood.

2. Our Song

I actually surprised that Our Song made the duo turn into this uberly genki team which consists of a cute arrangement mixed with the electric guitars (ala “HEARTBEAT ga Tomaranai!”).  It’s definitely not a song for me to be honest, but I’m sure people that love the cute songs will definitely fall for it.

Hmmmm.  To me HEARTBEAT ga Tomaranai! didn’t exactly push the girls further up in my interests and it seems they’re going to keep that anime-ish sound to them.  I just don’t see them really staying much longer and the music isn’t exactly treading new ground.


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