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faylan – Honnou no DOUBT November 28, 2010

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Track Listing

  1. Honnou no DOUBT
  2. Hontou no Ai wo Motomete
  3. Honnou no DOUBT (off vocal)
  4. Hontou no Ai wo Motomete (off vocal)

1. Honnou no DOUBT

I guess it was time to bring out the more fun side to faylan’s music and Honnou no DOUBT was something I wasn’t expecting with such a title.  I was actually thinking it was going to be a lot more edgier, but what we got made me happy in the long run.  I love faylan’s guitar playing in the song and it made the song playful and interesting.  It does make up for how disappointing “Last vision for last” was, but it’s not at the same level as “Errand” and “mind as Judgment” were.

2. Hontou no Ai wo Motomete

Since faylan’s B-sides have mostly impressed me throughout the “Polaris” era, I was excited to what we’d get from Hontou no Ai wo Motomete and was happy once again with what we got.  While it’s not like her previous slow songs, this one has a relaxing nighttime feel and faylan’s vocals sound really good in a setting like this.  It’s just got this right kind of jazzy feel and it’s a new style for her to dabble in and I thought she exceeded my expectations here!

If faylan keeps this up she’s going to be an enigmatic kind of artist.  Honnou no DOUBT really showed off her colors by making both songs something she’s never really attempted before.  The A-side being a quirky, yet fun song while Hontou no Ai wo Motomete was the relaxing jazz tune.  I’m looking through the 2 or 3 singles she released so far in the era and I’m beyond impressed by what I see.  Let’s keep it up faylan!!!


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