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NIKIIE – Shunkashuutou December 2, 2010

Filed under: NIKIIE — solarblade @ 11:11 pm

Track Listing

  1. Shunkashuutou
  2. Gensou Form
  3. Otona Kodomo

1. Shunkashuutou

I guess we get another new artist before the end of the year it seems.  NIKIIE’s debut, Shunkashuutou is a simple song to debut with since the song is piano and acoustic guitar and drums and other things.  It might not be the most interesting song, but it’s good for a ballad.  NIKKIE’s vocals slightly remind me of miwa’s for some reason, but I think it’s partially the arrangement’s fault as well.  Still not bad for a debut and I think it’ll sell well maybe.

2. Gensou Form

I seriously think she should’ve made this her debut A-side since the piano arrangement and darker tinged sound sounds so much more refreshing to my ears more than “Shunkashuutou”.  There’s just a lot of things going on in the song that I loved, the electric guitar being used and the waltz-y bridge and her rolling of her tongue when she says ~mirai~.  I was surprised how epic this B-side ended up and it’s such a surprise for me!  Even better was that it was known even before the A-side is surprising!

3. Otona Kodomo

As for the other B-side of the single, Otona Kodomo has a pretty opening that included piano and strings and it has the happy feeling that the other two songs didn’t express so I was interested in what we were getting on this song.  To me, this is the most simplest song off the single, but there’s a lot more instruments like oboe, mandolin, and some others.  It’s cute and almost poetic in ways.  Good song

I will say that NIKIIE’s debut single is what I wasn’t expecting in which both B-side overpower the A-side.  I mean Shunkashuutou is pretty good, but it’s like I’ve heard that arrangement elsewhere whereas both Gensou Form and Otona Kodomo gave us great arrangement styles and strong vocals.  I’m hoping she’ll continue to really great songs like the B-sides!


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