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Sowelu – Love & I. ~Ren’ai Henriki~ December 2, 2010

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Track Listing

  1. NEVER feat. VERBAL (m-flo)
  2. Koboresou no Kuchibiru feat. Mummy-D (RHYMESTER)
  3. Snow again duet with Douchin Yoshikuni (CHEMISTRY)
  4. Make It Last Forever duet with MIHIRO
  5. Toshishita no Kimi ni duet with Daichi Miura
  6. Very First Christmas feat. SHUHEI (Asia Engineer)
  7. Koko mo Soko mo… duet with KG
  8. Mannerism feat. RYO-Z (RIP SLYME)
  9. Chikai no Kami duet with ISEKI (Kimaguren)
  10. My Love is
  11. The moment i saw you with Sowelu / SOFFet (bonus track)
  12. HOT BODY / S’capade feat. Sowelu (bonus track)
  13. I am GHOST -Kodoku na Jinsei- feat. Sowelu / G (bonus track)
  14. Kimi wo Omou yo… feat. Sowelu / Quadraphonic (bonus track)

1. NEVER feat. VERBAL (m-flo)

Opening this uhm…collaboration album? I’m not sure what it is XD.  Anyways the first song to promote the album, Sowelu gets with VERBAL and I was wondering what the song would be like because Sowelu’s return to R&B and VERBAL’s (mostly boring) rapping comes in.  I like the aggressive nature of the loud parts of the song mixed in with Sowelu’s softer vocals in the verses sound great together.  I am happy that VERBAL sounds into it, but it’s a bit random in connection to the main arrangement so there’s a noticeable riff going on.  Otherwise, it’s not a bad start and the song is rather good besides the awkward transitioning through the rap.

2. Koboresou no Kuchibiru feat. Mummy-D (RHYMESTER)

The 2nd of the promotional songs, Koboresou no Kuchibiru takes a chill pill and has this sexy glow to it that I really enjoyed about it since Sowelu’s vocals stand out a whole lot better than I thought it would.  I think she’s gotten quite better through her vocals.  The added background vocals were a little surprising and of course Mummy-D’s rap doesn’t exactly fit in the song since he’s rapping at the speed of light >.>  Otherwise, it’s a good mid-tempo tune and it’s more sexually charged than the last song.

3. Snow again duet with Douchin Yoshikuni (CHEMISTRY)

Getting into the album’s first ballad and duet with 1/2 of CHEMISTRY.  Snow again might be the first slipup just because the music isn’t exactly anything exciting and sadly, Douchin overpowers poor Sowelu.  I will admit that his vocals are pretty solid, but the song just kind of bores me a little bit otherwise.

4. Make It Last Forever duet with MIHIRO

It’s saddening that the next song on the album is just as forgettable as “Snow again”.  Fortunately MIHIRO and Sowelu sound better and together than the previous song which is a blessing.  I do think that MIHIRO does get more parts which is totally unnecessary, but I liked this a bit more.  Musically, it’s bland still, but I’ll live!

5. Toshishita no Kimi ni duet with Daichi Miura

One of the songs I was looking forward to listening to, Sowelu’s collaborative effort with “natural beauty” Daichi Miura ended up being one of the best songs off the album.  Unlike the previous songs, Toshishita no Kimi ni is actually more of a dance track and it’s a great change of pace.  I liked how they mixed it up with each other and they sang quite nicely.  One of my favorites from the album.

6. Very First Christmas feat. SHUHEI (Asia Engineer)

I guess we do need a few Christmas songs on the album and with Very First Christmas, they return into the minimalistic R&B sound that kind of filled most of the album so far and while musically, it’s not impressive, Sowelu’s singing is very pure and pretty to listen to.  However, SHUHEI is just trying too hard in this song and kind of took me out of the song before Sowelu returning.  It’s alright, would’ve been better without SHUHEI tbh.

7. Koko mo Soko mo… duet with KG

Then we enter the third track to represent the album and I was like…this is softcore porn music for sure.  The mood is very sexual and with Sowelu’s sensual sounding vocals and the whole ~I wanna make love to you~ in the chorus is just naughty.  Add in KG’s singing and it’s just as raunchy…Iono, but it’s catchy in it’s smooth glow and mood.  I liekd this quite a bit.

8. Mannerism feat. RYO-Z (RIP SLYME)

Hey!  I’m happy we get another dance track on the album with Mannerism and it’s got a catchy riff to it and mixed in with the more happier sound that most of the songs kind of don’t show, I was impressed.  Once again we get an MC who has to show that he’s the fastest rapper and I was annoyed once again by that.  Otherwise without RYO-Z, this is a fun song to listen to.

9. Chikai no Kami duet with ISEKI (Kimaguren)

Probably the oddest song off the album, Chikai no Kami doesn’t sound like any of the other songs from the album simply because it’s a bit more pop/rock than all the other songs.  I’m not too fond of ISEKI’s voice since he sounds offkey most of the time when he’s singing along with Sowelu and you can tell quite obviously, but when he’s by himself, it’s nice.  It’s alright, but not my favorite.

10. My Love is

As the only song that has Sowelu by herself, I knew somehow the song was going to be another one of the slow R&B songs that we’ve all grown to love from her career.  I am happy that there’s no guy to really deter the enjoyment of the song, but I still think she could’ve done something a bit more powerful for her first solo song under avex.  I guess it makes a good album closer and appropriate one as well.

11. The moment i saw you with Sowelu / SOFFet

As we pass into the bonus tracks of the album all the remaining songs have been previously released through the other artists in other ways digitally and physically.  Of course I’m not too familiar with SOFFet’s music but the jazzy and fun vibe of this song is pretty interesting and kept me listening to it for the entire song because it was so different from the other songs.  The only thing that kind of made it fail was the rapper…he just kind of ruined the mood with his annoying rap…blah still I liked this jazz song!

12. HOT BODY / S’capade feat. Sowelu

Like I said before, Sowelu’s more danceable songs are the best thing to listen to and I was overly ecstatic to see HOT BODY make the album’s cut since it’s edgy, slick, and just very fitting.  Now I would actually called this her solo song since S’capade is like nowhere to be seen in the song…Maybe S’capade is the arranger.  Still, it’s one of the better upbeat songs I’ve heard of 2010.

13. I am GHOST -Kodoku na Jinsei- feat. Sowelu / G

If I remember this was G’s debut song and was a collaboration with our girl Sowelu.  I have to remember that Sowelu is the secondary singer so of course she doesn’t have as many lines as G.  I’ll be honest though that G’s vocals are kind of too soft and whispery to really make me enjoy it, but I did love Sowelu’s parts (mostly the bridges of the song).  I guess I didn’t like it as much as say…”HOT BODY”…

14. Kimi wo Omou yo… feat. Sowelu / Quadraphonic

Finally ending the full album off, we get the most recent collaboration as Sowelu being the secondary act with Kimi wo Omou yo…  I actually wished the arrangement wasn’t as plain as butter since I think Sowelu and the lead singer of Quadraphonic sounds really nice singing together.  It just kills me that the music is so bland for me…still one of the more vocally impressive collabs.

Tracks Recommended

  • Toshishita no Kimi ni duet with Daichi Miura
  • HOT BODY / S’capade feat. Sowelu
  • Koko mo Soko mo… duet with KG
  • NEVER feat. VERBAL (m-flo)
  • The moment i saw you feat. Sowelu / SOFFet

Song of Avoidance

  • Snow again duet with Douchin Yoshikuni (CHEMISTRY)

It’s quite sad that we had to wait for so long before we saw Sowelu debut under rhythm zone and that debut to be mostly yawn-inducing.  I wish she could’ve just scratched out the collaborations she did and went solo by herself since that would’ve made a few songs pop out better.  Even then, I know Sowelu’s an R&B artist, but it wouldn’t kill to have another electro track like “MATERIAL WORLD” now would it?  Ehhh…let’s hope she releases singles before her next album…


One Response to “Sowelu – Love & I. ~Ren’ai Henriki~”

  1. azraqey Says:

    Ah…so sad. I love Snow Again. It kind of pretty to my ears. Their voice blended well to each other. Huhu..maybe it didn’t suit your taste, but it is not avoidable. ^^

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