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sherry – First One December 3, 2010

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Track Listing

  1. First One
  2. perfect danger
  3. First One <instrumental>
  4. perfect danger <instrumental>

1. First One

I guess since I’ve gotten used to having just a trio nowadays, First One kind of feels underwhelming after “Shinalize”.  It’s mainly because the song is a bit more poppish than their previous singles…(think “Magic C”).  Add some synths and some auto-tune and we get this song.  I just wish the song didn’t feel weak to me.

2. perfect danger

I found it good that perfect danger was the more interesting song off the single since all three members sound great in their solo lines mixed in with a bit of a R&B/synth mash.  It is however a bit slower than “First One”, but it’s alright for right now.

I’m surprised that sherry is still releasing een though their sales are a bit blah.  First One is a downgrade when compared to their last single “Shinalize” but it’s only because the arrangement felt weaker than normal.  Luckily, they fixed it with perfect danger and it sounds like I would expect from them…I can only wonder if they’ll ever get to release an album at this point…