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RYTHEM – Tsunaide Te December 8, 2010

Filed under: RYTHEM — solarblade @ 11:07 pm

Track Listing

  1. Tsunaide Te
  2. fast food
  3. Tsunaide Te (Instrumental)
  4. fast food (Instrumental)

1. Tsunaide Te

I guess RYTHEM does ballads best huh?  Tsunaide Te is a slow burner because well, it just is since it starts out with piano and grows into something bigger and better.  I like that both girls of course get solos and I can sort of tell who’s who, but I still think they’re voices are too similar to fully tell apart sometimes.  Maybe it was bad that I listened to “A Flower” before, but I think I might end up liking this more.

2. fast food

I will say that fast food did a better job at capturing my attention even though it’s still light.  It’s actually kind of absurdly catchy and yet simple and cute at the same time.  It’s piano-led by Yui, but there’s a fair bit of synths involved and both ladies sound really pretty here.  The little interlude in the middle threw me off, but otherwise much more likeable than “Tsunaide Te”.

As the first single of the “Rhythm” era, Tsunaide Te does kind of come of as equal to their next single, “A Flower” since the A-side is taking longer to like than the B-side.  It’s actually not so bad and I might like it better overall than their next single, but I just hope the album isn’t all like this LOL.


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