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Sakura Gakuin – Yume ni Mukatte/Hello! IVY December 10, 2010

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Track Listing

  1. Yume ni Mukatte
  2. Hello! IVY
  3. School days
  4. Yume ni Mukatte (Instrumental)
  5. Hello! IVY (Instrumental)
  6. School days (Instrumental)

1. Yume ni Mukatte

I wasn’t sure what to expect from our newest idol group on the scene, but since two of the members were once in Karen Girl’s, I was expecting some synthy-rock stuff and Yume ni Mukatte brought that but it’s definitely not like “Over The Future”.  While there’s no solos in sight in the tune, it’s still quite catchy and the guitars, synths, and strings used are quite enticing and it’s like a mix of an idol song and an anime track.

2. Hello! IVY

~Hallo! IVY!!!~ hahaha the opening is lulzy.  The rest of the song is what I kind of feared would happen since it’s one of those idol-rock tracks overloaded in genki-ness.  There’s actually some solos in the song this time around, but they’re like one word and such.  It’s not as memorable as “Yume ni Mukatte”, but I can see many people falling for this tune lol.

3. School days

Rounding the single out, School days is an interesting surprise since it’s one of the more energetic and surprisingly best songs off the single.  I mean the beginning with the girls singing under only a piano giving it a ballad-like feel and I was surprised at the girls singing multiple lines.  Then the guitar comes in and the song becomes upbeat and synthy and I was bouncing my head to the rhythm and while the girls aren’t great singers, they held their own in the song and I liked that!  Great B-side.

I think most of the idol groups that debuted this year has released great debut singles and it continues with Sakura Gakuin.  Yume ni Mukatte/Hello! IVY is actually quite good of a single and so upbeat and full of life.  I do think the age-list of the girls are Momosu-ish, this group has time to grow and hope it keeps up like this.  Yume ni Mukatte and School days though ❤ ❤ <3.


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