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DOES – Bakuchi Dancer December 15, 2010

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Track Listing

  1. Bakuchi Dancer
  2. Bokutachi no Kisetsu
  3. Donten (bonus track)
  4. Shura (bonus track)

1. Bakuchi Dancer

Oh Bakuchi Dancer, how I fell in love with you!  I’ll say that this was my very first DOES song and I still think it’s their best song so far.  First off, it’s a surprising blast of J-rock energy and since it’s such a short song as well, they really amped it up for Bakuchi Dancer and with Ujihara sounding actually a lot less fluffy, he sounds pretty awesome.  Still it’s rather too short when I listen to it most of the time and leaves me wanting more…but I think that’s what made me like it more because it does that to me…catchy, very catchy!

2. Bokutachi no Kisetsu

So we slow the engines down with the B-side for the single and while it does kind of goes back to “Yoake Mae” with a mix of the yelling and background stuffs from “Bakuchi Dancer”.  It’s still pretty interesting of a track, but it’s definitely the weakest of the B-sides IMHO since it really doesn’t bring much to the table.

3. Donten

So I guess we get into the bonus tracks of the single and yes, both Donten and “Shura” were A-sides as well (4th and 6th singles respectively).  Why they made the singles cut is probably because all of the songs on the single are tied to Gintama.  Being the earlier one, Donten brings the energy back into full force and I’m surprised Ujihara sounds actually good and clear, moreso than in “Bakuchi Dancer”.  The energy is great, the band sound just as good, and everything felt right with this song so basically Donten was a very good A-side from them.

4. Shura

Starting with Kesaku playing drums, Shura doesn’t seem as well-rounded like the the previous track, but feels more raw like the A-side of this single which might be good or bad depending on your preference.  To me I don’t find it that well since I actually kind of shuddered during the chorus because Ujihara and Yasushi struggled with their notes in the chorus giving it a rather uncomfortable feeling for me.  Meh, not a good song for me.

Second single in and Bakuchi Dancer was their trump card, especially for selling so much it seems.  The A-side was pure rock and just lightened up the mood so quick, but the drawback for that was it’s length being slightly under 3 minutes long.  Bokutachi no Kisetsu reminded me of “Yoake Mae”, but it was alright for a B-side (even though I wish it wasn’t put on “MODERN AGE”).  As treats with Donten and Shura they were nice surprises of course being that all the songs are tied to the same series and all.  Solid single and probably the best between the three singles.


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