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Sayuri Sugawara – Close To You December 22, 2010

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Track Listing

  1. Sayonara Mata….
  2. So Long My Love
  3. Close To You
  4. “Suki” to Iu Kotoba
  5. Sunao ni Narenakute

1. Sayonara Mata….

Beginning Sayuri’s mini-album, Sayonara Mata…. starts on a good note since it’s of course a slower song from her.  I love the songs quite lovely ballad-like atmosphere and is it just me or am I noticing her vocals have stepped up?  Her voice just radiates through the song and despite not really changing since “First Story”, the arrangement is quite sweet and the strings/piano/acoustic guitar sound good.  It’s a pretty pleasant tune!

2. So Long My Love

After the first thing I was wondering if the album was going to more or less any different, but So Long My Love dashed my theory out the window.  I mean it’s more along the lines of what she sounded like when she debuted with R&B, but this has a pretty strong amount of synths used throughout.  I also found myself liking the song quite a bit as well and I loved that it give Sayuri a bit more room for her vocals as well. 

3. Close To You

I guess she had to mix the two songs to get this one next.  Being the title track for the mini-album, Close To You is like I said a mix of both R&B and a ballad and while I’m not fond of these songs, this one feels like a throwback to 90’s R&B with an Americanized twist to it.  Beyond that, I’m still not too fond of it and it just kind of passes by me.

4. “Suki” to Iu Kotoba

I’m not sure why she had to actually put the 2 A-sides she released so far onto the mini-album but nonetheless there they are.  Being the most recent A-side, “Suki” to Iu Kotoba follows pretty closely behind “Close To You” even though it was released before it, this song is still one of Sayuri’s best A-sides released so far.  Even though I did just come out of a boring tune, this one lightened me up and gave me reason to love it even more. 

5. Sunao ni Narenakute

Of course, the first single released in the era is also found on the mini-album and I still don’t think much of it besides the fact her vocals sound nice, but it’s just like any other R&B song out there so for me it’s pretty bland as songs go.  I’m just going to slip by this song.


I’m happy that Sayuri decided to close the mini-album with a new song.  WINTER STORY might not be anything much for me, but it does stand out here as the atypical Winter ballad and it doesn’t cover itself in it like crazy.  There’s still not enough to make it memorable, but whatever it’s there lol.

Sayuri’s mini-album is half-half for me.  I mean the three songs that I really enjoyed stood out quite a bit and I fell in love with them quite strongly.  However the other half were just terribly plain from her and just didn’t do anything for me.  Iono, but if there’s an album in the era…I wonder what’ll be on it at this point…


2 Responses to “Sayuri Sugawara – Close To You”

  1. Sayaka Says:

    Hmm, I was wondering if you knew what this mini album peaked on the Oricon Charts, I cant seem to find any information! And I LOVED the track; “Close To You.” Its catchy and stood out for me. Sayonara Mata was a good track too. But anyways! I’m a huge Sayuri Sugawara fan, so I hope her future releases are better and attracts more people to her music ^^

  2. Michael John Says:

    I find beautiful songs from this album …!!! I like it and love this album …!!!

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