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Best of 2010: B-SIDES, yes, they’re important too!!! December 29, 2010

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Yesh, we’re now at B-sides of the year and I was happy to see there was a lot to choose from too hehe.  Now let’s begin our track down.


The 5 that just missed the uber mark XD

Yup, the 5 that didn’t make the cut are as listed: Soba ni Itai Kara (Little Girl), Danro (Ranbu no Melody), Hallucination (YOU), Shining Sun (Namida no Regret), and diamond high (RAY OF LIGHT).  These five songs are pretty awesome, but sadly they were beaten by ten others.

10. Haruka Shimotsuki – Kii te wa Seikenai Uta (Saigo no Michishirube)

While it isn’t Haruka’s only release of the year, the only song that fully stood out from her was the B-side of “Saigo no Michishirube”.  The thing about Kii te wa Seikenai Uta that really stood out to me was the slight electronic feeling it had amongst her other songs.  Add in Haruka’s whispery vocals and full ones later and it’s just an interesting tune and one of the cooler ethereal songs I loved.

9. Aki Misato – Defy Gravity (Not Found 2010) (Cross Illusion)

I first thought that Defy Gravity was going to be one boring song, but knowing that the A-side was pretty synthy, the B-side made it even so and made it so much stronger in its approach.  I love the energetic trance-like arrangement mixed with Aki’s good vocals and we got a winner from it.  A great surprise for sure!

8. MiChi – JUMP ON IT (LOVE is. e.p)

Being the most recent addition to the list, JUMP ON IT was surprisingly amazing for something that was meant to be repetitive and blah.  Either way, the song is catchy and full of attitude (which is always a good thing to hear in a MiChi song).  Very bouncy and charismatic, JUMP ON IT has a great reason to be here despite being one of the last releases in 2010.

7. faylan – Tobe Aoi Tori (Senjou ni Saita Ichirin no Hana)

I thought the A-side was pretty impressive, but what really took the single to new heights was the epic B-side.  I didn’t think it would be much by the minute and forty second intro with the background choir chanting, but once the brazen guitars join in, turns into this holy-ish like atmosphere that has great stuff going on like flute solos and a little folk tagging along.  faylan really sounds pretty though as well so it’s definitely the strongest faylan tune out there.

6. Morning Musume – Aisaresugiru Koto wa Nai no yo (Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game)

It seems that recently Momosu has been getting better with their B-sides since it’s never their high-point if you know what I mean.  I love the song sounds kind of idol-pop, but danceable as well.  It seems like a more synth-based “Nanchatte Renai”.  There’s just a lot of exciting things going on like the catchy chorus, Sayu under auto-tune again, and some other small things.  Still, Aisaresugiru Koto wa Nai no yo is one of the better tracks of the year.

5. NIKIIE – Gensou Forum (Shunkashuutou)

Yep, another debut artist making the list from the debut single, I found it amazing that Gensou Forum was her first official song but was downgraded to a B-side on the single release.  To me this song was one of the most powerful songs of the year since it’s like a very emotional mid-tempo piano/rock track.  I can see NIKIIE growing from this and becoming a powerhouse in due time.

4. Yousei Teikoku – still alive (rebellion anthem)

Of all the great Yousei Teikoku releases this year that culminated onto their 3rd best-of album, still alive stood out the most this year from them and it’s great because they’ve been steadily releasing stronger songs with each release.  still alive is still one of the cooler synth-goth tracks out there and Yui just made it simple to love it. 

3. angela – Tsunaga Room (Aoi Haru)

While I haven’t been following angela for a long time, I thought the B-side of “Aoi Haru” was a slice of heaven to my ears.  I love whenever an artists (or in this case, artists) change genres for a little bit and with Tsunaga Room they opted for a more futuristic sound and with atsuko being under auto-tune was actually good for her.  It’s a very transportive kind of tune if you get my drift and that’s why it stood out so much for me.

2. Ayaka Hirahara – Keropak <HIRARA Remix @ Keronboshi> (Keropak)

It’s rare to see me fully enjoy the hell out of a remix, but this year Ayaka Hirahara pulled a 180 out of her hat and released this remix for Keropak.  While the original was more natural and had a kiddy-like nature to it, Keropak’s remix was definitely synth love and had a bunch of great moments from both Ayaka’s singing (which is auto-tune slightly) and the bouncy arrangement.  It does stay as the best remix of the year as well.

1. mini – Baby baBy (GiRLS SPiRiT)

All year, I was waiting for the epic electro song to just pop out of nowhere and take me to another place.  mini and JIN shows off once again with Baby baBy.  I love it because of the fact that it’s dark electro and pulsating overload for me.  It’s definitely a catchy ass tune that will be hard to replace.


The 5 somewhat crappy B-sides before Armageddon

So here’s the 5 that luckily got out of being majorly criticized hahaha: memory of snow (LEVEL 5 -judgelight-), GRAB BAG (Aitakute Aitakute), Usagi (Let’s dance in the moonlight), Sayonara (Motto Motto Kimi wo Oshiete yo), and Chotto Samishii na (Shining Power).


10. KOTOKO – Raimei ga Naku Koro (Loop-the-Loop)


It’s pretty disappointing that KOTOKO didn’t exactly release anything that was deemed excellent this year through her own releases.  Raimei ga Naku Koro was definitely under the weather compared to both previous B-sides, “Digital Snail” and “BUCCANEER” which the latter was the best of last year’s B-sides.  The biggest difference was the fact it was like a mid-tempo pop/rock tune that just didn’t work well for KOTOKO’s voice.  Collision course of icky.

9. Hanako Oku – Trump (Garasu no Hana)

Let’s just say that Hanako’s B-side for “Garasu no Hana” was a very boring ballad that she’s done so many times before that it just was a punch to the gut listening to it.  Sorry this definitely didn’t hit the mark for me and just was very ick to listen to.

8. Porno Graffitti – Get It On (Kimi wa 100%)


Being the only cover song on this list, it was only featured because it was just bad to listen to.  Akihito basically was the reason the song turned out so bad because his English is near impossible to sit through and sometimes very hard to decipher what the hell he was saying.  I mean the arrangement is good, but this isn’t the vocals that should be here >.>

 7. Ayahi Takagaki – Oh Happy Day (Hikari no Fillment)

Christian-like songs and Seiyuus just do not mix and with this song is gives that reason in full force.  While the chorale sounds rather pretty good, it isn’t until Ayahi takes over is when it gets weird (especially that whole ad-libbing section).  I just hated that it was a mostly a follow me kind of song until they start seperating.  Ayahi’s vocals even sound rather ick as well…almost nasally.  Sorry not my kind of dig.

6. Momoiro Clover – Coco☆nuts (Pinky Jones)

I don’t what it is about this song that just annoys me but it’s prolly the multiple ideas that are flying around the song.  Like the song tries to be soft in the verses, making the girls uber cute in the bridge and then the chorus is basically consisting ~co-co-co-co-co-co…etc. nuts~.  I’m sorry but when the chorus is that stupid, the rest of the song doesn’t really matter anymore.

5. BUCK-TICK – Yougetsu (Kuchizuke)

Yougetsu from BUCK-TICK’s “Kuchizuke” single to me felt so unlike the group since it was low and Atsushi was under filters the entire song so that also bothered me a bit since it felt like it was underproduced or something along those lines.  I just never connected with the song and it still doesn’t do much for me.

4. Minori Chihara – Best mark smile (Freedom Dreamer)

The problem with Best mark smile was that it was almost like deja vu simply because it was so much like its A-side counterpart.  I think it was bad because of the fact that it was still a pop/rock kind of tune with Minorin singing in her seiyuu style.  It’s kind of still crappy and I rather much listen to the other B-side, “Natsuiro Hanabi”.

3. D – K no Hyousoukyoku (Akaki Hitsuji ni Yoru Bansankai)

Whenever ASAGI sings it’s either great or in the case of K no Hyousoukyoku, it’s pretty poor shot.  I honestly dislike his growling/screaming in the songs and it quickly turned me off when I started listening to the song.  At first I thought the arrangement was pretty awesome and Dir en Grey-ish, but ASAGI’s growling just was yikes for me, at least unti he started singing.  Bleh.

2. AAA – TWO ROADS (Heart and Soul)

It’s rare to see one of the members of AAA getting a solo song, more or less Hidaka actually getting it.  Everyone knows him as the MC/Rapper of the group and that he is, but he actually isn’t rapping in this song but actually singing.  Add the fact that it sounds like a song for druggies, TWO ROADS just was a trainwreck to listen to. 


It was really hard to choose which song was the worst out of the three B-sides on the single.  RIZE really messed up for the single and GOLD RUSH leads it because it was nearly impossible to sit through.  I don’t think it was because of JESSE being filtered to no end, but the band felt out of sync and just messy throughout.  Sorry, but this was el crappo of the year.