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Best of 2010: OVERALL SINGLES…Hey, there was quite a huge amount ok!!! January 3, 2011

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Yep, the final singles post, it’s basically overall XD.  So here we go!!!!


They almost made it, they really almost did!

Yeah, these five barely made the cut this year, they are: Ido e Itaru Mori e Itaru Ido, Cross Illusion, ST4LK3R/Waiting For Clouds, YOU, and ∞2. They were great singles in their own right and deserve to be here!


10. ZEBRA QUEEN – NAMIDA ~Kokoro Abaite~

For being an one-time deal kind of single, NAMIDA ~Kokoro Abaite~ was a pretty epic single for 2010.  The title track was pretty electro and had great vocals from Riisa Naka who pulled the song off by singing mysteriously and such.  Add in the fact that ZEBRA QUEEN no Theme was even better made this a full on great single…Loved it!

9. Yousei Teikoku – rebellion anthem

Like I said in every review up to this point in the “gothic lolita agitator” era, each single that Yousei Teikoku releases keeps getting better and rebellion anthem was the peak for them (then again they haven’t released a single after this yet >.>  It’s just that the title track was so hard-hitting and gothic galore that it wasn’t hard for me to enjoy the song entirely, but the B-side, still alive took the cake by being as hard, but with synths taking up the arrangement.  It’s just a super single!

8. SID – Rain

There’s just something I really liked about Rain, SID’s 3rd single for the “dead stock” era.  I love the fact that it was a rock ballad than what they usually put out so it was a great surprise for me and just did well.  Then they stepped it up further with cut which had even better vocals and sounded like an opening to an anime even though it had no tie-in.  Of course we can’t forget the fact that they added a live version of chapter 1 on the single and they came out great as well.  Though the singles after have slightly gone down, Rain was the best they had this year.

7. 4minute – I My Me Mine

While “FIRST” might’ve been the best A-side from the group, I think as a whole, I My Me Mine was a dang perfect single from them.  Not only I My Me Mine was just epic and so much more better than “Muzik”, their first JPN-only song was also found here in Goodbye and was the first time I’ve heard a much more lighter 4minute and I liked it.  Last but not least, it came with the original version of “HUH” and I already liked it from hearing it before the single so this was a good addition as well.

6. CHiAKi KURiYAMA – Ryuusei no Namida

With all the GUNDAMness of this year, I think Chiaki really found a gem with releasing this single.  I mean with Ryuusei no Namida being a powerhouse of a ballad and Kekkei IN MY BED being more of a pop/rock kind of deal, it was a taste of what’s to come from her and I enjoyed it very much.

5. faylan – Senjou ni Saita Ichirin no Hana

Whenever I see this single, all I can think of is it’s damn epic of a single.  I know it’s that both the title track and Tobe Aoi Tori has pretty much everything it needs to be something huge and I loved it.  The whole folkish atmosphere mixed in with the guitars blazing in the A-side and B-side…it’s just a very good and solid single from faylan.

4. Morning Musume – Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game

It’s been quite a while since there’s been a Momosu single that’s been this strong! (To me, their last amazing single was “Kanashimi Twilight”).  Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game might have been Eri, Jun, and Lin’s final single but at least they went out with a bang with this smacker.  While I do admit that I love the album version of the A-side this was a strong song, just with more upgrades on the album.  Aisaresugiru Koto wa Nai no yo was also quite catchy and it shows since their singles have been slightly getting better with B-sides.  It’s just H!P’s best single of the year.

Ayaka Hirahara – Keropak

There’s always one Ayaka Hirahara song that tempts to impress me ever since I started listening to her, but Keropak was just three great tracks in one package.  Keropak itself was a giddy and fun track and we haven’t seen that from her (at least not me) once yet so it comes at a surprise that she’d go and do that.  Then we get into Spain and I was surprised at her even more with this because she’s doing a lot of scatting (specific kind of ad-libbing) and the music was just frenetic and kept up the pace with Ayaka.  I will say though the remix of Keropak blew me away since I’ve never heard a remix of anything that’s Hirahara’s so it’s just smooth all over.  Iono, but I was so very impressed like I was with “Campanula no Koi/Nocturne”.

2. Saori@destiny – Lonely Lonely Lonely

While I still think “Ethnic Planet Survival” still beats the songs off the single, Lonely Lonely Lonely is just purely one strong single.  I mean yeah half the single was 2009, but Lonely Lonely Lonely is just so very Katamari-like that there’s no way I couldn’t see the charm of the song and it’s slow in a good way.  Sympa though like tons of people have said equals to Animal Crossing and I agree it’s cute and friendly and just simple in other words.  It didn’t hurt either than both Breathe Breathe Breathing and Stainless Starlight were on it since they were pretty great songs on their releases as well.

1. mini – GiRLS SPiRiT

mini just has had her year.  I really didn’t know what to think when she released this single out.  I mean it stepped all over “Are U Ready?” and then some.  The title track is slightly more electro-pop than her debut and the Roxanne curse was there, but that was relieved by the awesome synth melody through it and it was dang catchy.  Dear Friend was more synth pop but it was smooth, lighter and mixed her R&B side quite nicely.  Baby baBy though was just evil and epic all at once.  I mean there was no way it could’ve been beat at this point. 


Well…they’re lucky to be not in the 10!

Kite, Mayonaka no Guitar, Mamotte Agetai, Loop-the-Loop, and Hikari no Fillment represent the crappy that almost made the list hahaha. 

Oh….these 10….

10. Juliet -23:45

I don’t know, but I swear I chose a poor place to begin listening to the trio.  23:45 to me just felt way too bland and plain to even warrant a second listen through (even though I had to review it on the album x.x).  Kesenai Uso was slightly better since it had something going that was interesting, but still being R&B didn’t cut it for me.  It’s just a meh single for me.

9. Minori Chihara – Freedom Dreamer

I really wished I hadn’t started reviewing Minori with this single because it was a poor choice to begin with.  Freedom Dreamer and Best mark smile were so bad in similar ways that I was surprised she’d do two crimes at once on the single of all things.  Natsuiro Hanabi might have been the best thing, but it still didn’t save me from the first two tracks.  At least it’s low on the list because without it, I’m sure it’d be in the worst 3.

8. Ayumi Hamasaki – L

Ayu hasn’t really had that great of an era with singles this year, but L was just oi ve.  For being her 50th single, I was expecting more from it, but it just disappointed me.  I mean Virgin Road was like any other Ayu ballad out there so it kind bypassed me, Sweet Season was Life pt.2 which I said then never stood out for me and Last angel was just confusing to follow most of the time ever though it was the best of the original stuff on the single.  I really didn’t find much pleasure listening to two different versions of SEVEN DAYS WAR either and it made dislike the song even further.  The only good thing though was the orchestral take of crossroad, it was pretty good, but otherwise the rest of the single kind of just was bleh.

7. Zwei – Koyubi no Paradox

Oh Zwei what the hell happened?  Koyubi no Paradox was just so uncalled for and even signing to 5bp. Records was an equal sin to do.  I mean when I think of Zwei, I think of amazing guitar solos, Ayumu’s powerful vocals and Megu’s great bass playing.  This was just so not them being all cutesy anime like and Ayumu sounded repressed from using her vocals.  Forever More was better because it had Megu in it prominently, but after that Koyubi no Paradox, Zwei’s just not the same.

6. KOKIA – Kodoku na Ikimono/Ano Hi no Watashi ni

I know this is classified as a digital single, but so what, this single was boring as all hell.  I mean they all felt quite one-dimensional to me and it’s a surprise since KOKIA doesn’t usually end up this way, but damn this single could make anyone fall asleep.  I know it did for me, and I rather not struggle listening to it again hahaha.

5. Kaori Mochida – green/Acacia

Just like KOKIA, Kaori’s lone single to represent the “NIU” album was just very boring as well.  I mean OK, Acacia was alright, but it was older than friggin “Ame no Waltz” which is just wrong to release it now…green though was just boring and went nowhere and is still one of her worst songs on “NIU” as well.

4. S/mileage – ◯◯ Ganbaranakutemo Eenende!!

Yeah, S/mileage really bombed this year with the A-side and almost nearly took the entire single with it.  Not only did the A-side suck, they made a second version with different lyrics (though if I’m correct, it was under a different JPN lingo or something round that).  That was just mean to release.  Only thing that alleviated the problem was Smile Bijin but anything could’ve been better than Eenende!! and Iin da yo!!

3. RIZE – LAUGH IT OUT with Hayato

It wasn’t that the main track was bad this time (thank god), it was the three B-sides that really shot this single down the crapper.  I mean it sounded so underproduced and not controlled, or made any sense for that matter that I just didn’t like it.  LAUGH IT OUT though was catchy though I’ll give it that…but still it’s purely bad otherwise.


So before D-topia decided to switch labels, they debuted a duo with KOR=GIRL and we got our first taste of their music with NANBA and let me tell it left a pretty sour and bitter taste.  First off they aren’t like Aira or Saori in style which is bad, even with Terukado leading it.  Though the vocals and the music just do not mesh very well.  I mean NANBA can be good on a good day, but KIYOMIZU was just unbearable and way too off the mark for both the duo and Terukado.

1. Beckii Cruel feat. Cruel Angels – Tsubasa wo Kudasai

Oh god did this shot up a lot of talking on the forums.  Beckii Cruel I guess got shoved into this group with her friends for this single.  To be honest, Tsubasa wo Kudasai just sounded wrong and Tsuki no Kakera wasn’t much better.  What made it the worst single though was the aftermath with having so many “Cruel Angels” that Beckii left that idea behind and is returning to soloing.  I don’t blame her since it was getting quite ridiculous trying to follow who’s in and out…but w/e so much for this idea huh?