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Morning Musume 9th Gen!!! January 7, 2011

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Yep, this was what Momosu looked like at the end of 2010.  Only Ai Takahashi, Risa Niigaki, Reina Tanaka, Sayumi Michishige, and Aika Mitsui.  While there hasn’t been a lot of just 5-nin stuff to hear, the “Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game” performance before the announcement of the ninth generation was very strange and empty without Kamei, Junjun, and Linlin.  Either way, by the end of the night the group morphed back into a very well deserved 9-nin.  So let’s see who did make it and well the possibilities of what could’ve been.


Riho Sayashi (on the right)

Already having the biggest fanbase of the 4 members, I think Riho probably deserves it knowing that she’s already a great dancer for sure, but her singing could get work done.  She isn’t my favorite and so far from her attitude, she seems like she’s a tad prissy and overconfident, but it could just be me.  I mean she can dance for sure, almost the best (not sure how good of a dancer Mizuki is).  She’s got time to fully impress me hopefully their first single will show that off!

Kanon Suzuki (on the left)

I will say this right now, Kanon is my favorite of 9th Gen already.  By going on her audition route, she seems so funny and outgoing and Sayumi likes her already for her being so sweet and giving the members food.  Soneone like that should be in Momosu and I’m happy they gave Kanon a chance (she was who I wanted to join initially as well).  Though there’s not much to say but I think her vocals are a tad better than her dancing so it’s not bad and her demeanor is what the group needs at this point! LET’S GO KANON!!

Erina Ikuta (in the middle)

To me, I think Erina was more of the leftover choice at least in my eyes.  There’s not much really known about her quite yet unlike Kanon and Riho, but so far what I got was that she’s kind of shy and awkward, but it’s not a totally bad thing since there isn’t many of those in H!P (at least I think so).  I’m not sure what she excels in yet but she’s definitely not a dancer like Riho or a strong singer like Kanon.  We’ll see once I see more of her personality and talent shine a bit more.

Mizuki Fukumura

As if it wasn’t enough as shown on TV and such, Tsunku surprised the 8-nin group by even more news that he’s chosen an Egg to join Momosu.  To me, Fukumura was a pretty big surprise given that both Yuu Kikkawa and Minami Sengoku both graduated from being eggs (however, that same night it was announced Kikkawa was going to have a solo career) AND YES I’M REVIEWING KIKKAWA!  Anyways, I don’t know much about Mizuki besides the fact she was 1/4 of Shugo Chara Egg! and was a back-up dancer for two Mano PVs.  So I have no clue about her, but she’s pretty and has the most experience under H!P so, who knows, but I hope we see her personality soon!


Unfortunately it meant that Aina Otsuka and Minami Mogi didn’t make the cut (former, I’m not sure…but I think she just wasn’t standing out and Mogi was a surprise because she was a Koharu-type and quite the underdog in which Tsunku loves to go for, but I guess not this year).  It also leaves in the air of what Minami Sengoku is going to do now since many people kind of guessed she would’ve joined Momosu…but there’s a chance she’ll go solo too.  Who knows, but I’M HAPPY WITH THIS GENERATION!!!!! 


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