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BEST OF 2010: ALBUM COVERS…They are important right??? January 10, 2011

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So, albums this year have had some fun covers this year….let’s see em eh?


So BLOODY TUNE, to LOVE, REAL WORLD, La Vita Romantica, and HEARTFUL had great covers no doubt but they don’t hold a torch to these 10 covers!

10. Anna Tsuchiya – RULE

Iono why but I love the rather gloomy cover for RULE for some reason.  The kind of abandoned house setting is kind of different for an Anna cover and her in a white dress in that pose kind of makes it seem she’s an angel in a dark setting.  I have to say, it’s a pretty nice cover.

9. misono – Me

I’m not sure why I like misono’s cover for Me, but there’s something adorable and kind of reminescent about this.  The cut-outs kind of have that deja vu style to “never+land”.  Even the goth-like Hello Kitty is quite adorable.  It’s a little cluttered, but it’s still an interesting cover nonetheless.

8. Nana Mizuki – IMPACT EXCITER

There’s just something so epic with IMPACT EXCITER’s cover.  I will admit that the other cover is kind of poor, but this one looks like it was taken in a hangar or something.  All those windows and the support beams look pretty cool in the shot, so to me it’s one of the cooler “in the building” covers!


Ok, while “IMPACT EXCITER” is inside, I love GND’s cover for NEXT FUTURE on the outside.  There’s just something that’s kind of epic when you’re sitting on the courtyard and the castle behind you has a giant black bow like it’s a present to CHISA or something.  Something tells me it kind of coincides with “Jounetsu no Daishou”, but I can’t be totally sure.

6. SAWA – Welcome to Sa-World

Generally, SAWA’s covers are usually weird or lame, but with her debut album, Welcome to Sa-World looks like a golden wonderland especially since SAWA is on a carousel, holding her disco ball (something she’s always brought to her PV’s minus a few of course).  It’s bright and full of flair just like the album itself.

5. Ayumi Hamasaki – Rock’n’Roll Circus

I know Ayu’s eyes are huge on the cover, but I can’t deny that it was a pretty strong looking cover.  I love the colors used since they’re bold colors and such.  The thing that kind of got me was the British look the album has and it’s pretty good but the hat kind of seems cheaply made.  Still it’s like pretty and cool (though it doesn’t convey the album right).

4. Aira Mitsuki – ???

I’ve always admired Aira’s art covers (cept for “6 FORCE”, but that was really plain for her).  ??? brings us a more traditional Japanese look but still catering to the fact that Aira is just not your normal artist.  Her kimono is all kinds of awesome of so colorful as well as that guitar she’s posing with (which is odd, simply because Aira’s a techno gal and all).  It’s just so different and she keeps putting that out there!

3. school food punishment – amp-reflection

If you like abstract art, school food punishment has definitely got your back with their cover for their debut album, amp-reflection.  While the over cover is slightly different (with a kind or warped area), the plain cover was enough to be up here.  I’m not exactly sure what the point of the art cover was, but it reminds me of something inside a computer (kind of like a drive), besides that, it’s very odd and colorful cover no doubt and one that would hide the surprises that the album has *snickers*

2. Yousei Teikoku – gothic lolita agitator

Finally, a rather sweet cover from Yousei Teikoku in the album side of things.  To me gothic lolita agitator is a perfect example at what Yousei Teikoku’s sound has gone.  I mean the smoky aura mixed mirrored images of a building and tree has this kind of freaky image happening and the fact that Yui is in the middle posing in dark clothing and a flag sticking out, it’s striking and kind of scary. 

1. Kalafina – Red Moon

Of course, this year album cover winner goes to Kalafina.  It seems their covers never really disappoint (well “oblivious”, “progressive”, and “Lacrimosa” were kind of sad) but either way, Red Moon’s covers are just as vibrant like the others but has this sense of mystery in it.  From the oddly placed trees and furniture to the obvious red moon and the pose of the members, it’s just perfection and weird and almost artistic view of the group.  Gotta say, I was definitely impressed with this more than the covers for “Seventh Heaven”.


So I guess we have our bad album covers with MOON DRAGON, First Story, Possible, BEAST, and PROTOSCIENCE.  Yeeesh, and that’s not the worst of them haha


I guess since we had to start somewhere, RIZE’s cover for EXPERIENCE was so much weird.  I mean a Dalmation in midair?  Like really, you couldn’t have done with a little more effort?  At least the Kurohyo version of the album had a pretty badass cover. 

9. Masami Okui – i-magination

I really wanna know the concept of Masami’s cover was because it seems like a lot of artists earlier this year had some kind of attraction to red eyes.  This is the brightest red, but Masami being topless and having that weird thing on her chest didn’t make any sense to me.  It’s just very ick and the lack of a interesting background kind of sucked to.

8. kumi – Koisuru Kimi e

Why does this remind me of a BENI album cover?  *shrugs* kumi’s debut album does kind of show off that the album isn’t really all that and a bag of chips since it’s only kumi sitting on a heart with a ribbon around it.  The only thing that’s relatively interesting is the rainbow thing she’s wearing, but it’s still not that much.

7. Ayumi Hamasaki – Love songs

Why does this remind me so much of friggin “MOON/blossom”?  I mean the covers are quite similar in too many ways and they were boring to begin with anyway, but this rehash basically made me frown quite hardcore.

6. Juliet – Real

Gyarus crying?  Yeah, I really wanted to see that more or less as an album cover.  While it was the third to break the monotony of their single covers, Real was just three ugly pictures taken and Microsoft Paint to make them go together.  It’s just a trainwreck of a cover and just yikes.

5. High Speed Boyz – are u docono Softpunk!?

While it can be said that High Speed Boyz covers have usually been really crappy (with the exception for “Kanaetai Yume ga Aru”).  This one though takes the cake because it’s so plain and lifeless.  I don’t even know what the letters on the bottom are supposed to represent, but whatever, it’s just booooring.

4. 4minute – DIAMOND

I can’t believe that after an era of singles with all the members on it, their JPN debut doesn’t have them AT ALL!  Talk about disappointing all over.  The other cover is a little more represented since it’s white and more fitting to the cover of DIAMOND.  The pink cover though wasn’t right.

3. JYJ – The Beginning

I can’t explain why, but I just didn’t enjoy this cover for some reason.  I mean well I know the initial reason is purely on JUNSU who looks ugly (not new) on the cover.  It just looks like an odd cover and picture shot of the trio.  Not a very suited cover IMO and the limited edition wasn’t any better to be honest. 

2. ALI PROJECT – Gothic Opera

I’m for ALIPRO covers all the time, but they aren’t ok.  It’s either uber amazing or in this case sick-inducing.  While Gothic Opera was a great album from them, the cover was just terrible and not gothic.  I mean the bright colors, Arika in that poofy pink dress and the random inclusion of butterflies, a white tiger, and lion….I mean it’s a confusing cover and kind of too much for me.

1. Q;indivi starring Rin Oikawa – Wedding Celebration & Happy Celebration

I’m so tired of these covers.  They’re so boring and the kids in it aren’t exactly helping it out either (especially in the Wedding one where kids shouldn’t even be there IMO).  I’m just sad that there were more of these albums from them this year…still icky covers and worst of this year





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