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Tsuki Amano – CORE January 24, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. CORE


Ahhhha, CORE is finally something I can enjoy in full.  I’m not sure why but CORE definitely sounds like something I would’ve heard back on “A MOON CHILD IN THE SKY” because it revolves around a mixture of synths and rock, but done very well despite Tsukiko being on an indies label.  I love how powerful she is in the chorus and how petit and in tune she is in the verses.  I think I’m finally impressed by a single since “Zero no Chouritsu”.


Unlike the A-side though, I was surprised to find that BLACK HOLE has a lighter arrangement than “CORE” does.  Of course it fits the whole space-like idea the single is putting out since there’s still synths present.  I also love the fact that Tsuki’s vocals are a lot more lighter to find the mood as well.  It’s just like her other singles where the songs are just totally opposite to one another and some fans would call this a rather “cute” song for her.

While this is actually her first official single under OTAKURA, CORE was actually an impressive single for sure and the A-side kind of ranks up there with the better songs I love from her.  BLACK HOLE was also quite a treat and sounds so nice when compared next to CORE.  If she keeps this up her next album will turn out better…then again “Licht” was a pretty good start hmmmm…let’s see if she’ll impress me more.


One Response to “Tsuki Amano – CORE”

  1. Ricknp7 Says:

    Great review man! I discovered this site little time and I liked so very much. The Tsuki’s music is getting much better.

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