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Sukima Switch – Saigo no Hi January 26, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Saigo no Hi
  2. Denwaki
  3. Human relations
  4. Saigo no Hi <backing track>

1. Saigo no Hi

After “Ice Cream Syndrome” I was wondering what was gonna be next for the duo and with Saigo no Hi it seems they went for a softer route with the lead track.  Takuya’s vocals sounds really pleasant and sweet, especially when he builds up the more interesting chorus.  The thing that kind of affected me the most was the fact that it was longer than 6 minutes which means this song can have a tendency to drag (mostly in the verses though).  I guess it’s a good A-side, but I liked “Ice Cream Syndrome” quite a bit more.

2. Denwaki

I actually like the rather ethereal feel for Denwake, the first B-side on the single.  Sadly, the song is 5 minutes+ which also has this song leading more towards the forgettable side of things, but I think with the oddball arrangement and soulful vocals from Takuya, it’s a little more tolerable than “Saigo no Hi”.  Is it supposed to be the duo’s winter song?!? because it sounds like one!

3. Human relations

Really? a 9 minute song?  Well it starts with some piano playing the melody but then…I think…Takuya maybe starts talking and of course I have no idea what he’s saying so it leaves in questions for the entire thing because it’s just that.  The entire 9 minutes is just piano and Takuya talking…WHAT KIND OF CRAP IS THIS!?!

Seriously, this single was such a downgrade after “Ice Cream Syndrome” that I just don’t have any interest to listen to again.  Saigo no Hi was alright for an A-side and I’m OK with that, but Denwaki’s lack of energy and overall change and the fact Human relations is nothing but talking over a piano…it’s just a failure of a single…probably the first crappy single of 2011…


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