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faylan – Shuumatsu no Fractale January 27, 2011

Filed under: faylan — solarblade @ 2:11 am

Track Listing

  1. Shuumatsu no Fractale
  3. Shuumatsu no Fractale (off vocal)
  4. HAPPY SOUL DANCE (off vocal)

1. Shuumatsu no Fractale

Even though faylan is an anison singer of meaning, it doesn’t mean her songs have to be somewhat bland.  Take Shuumatsu no Fractale, I ws pretty disappointed with it, but not as much as I was with “Last vision for last” though.  To me, I think it’s her poppiest song yet and even though I love faylan’s strong vocals in the song, there’s something a bit off and not fitting for her.  Still, very good song to showcase her vocals.  Maybe it’s one of those songs that’ll grow on me in time, like “Honnou no DOUBT”.


Then again HAPPY SOUL DANCE probably is faylan’s happiest song so far released.  To me, it keeps up with the pop/rock style moreso than the A-side did, but it feels sort of just purely B-side material.  Nothing really stands out to me and it kind of sits in the bland place with songs like “AROUSING SOUL”.

For faylan’s 3rd (or 4th) single, Shuumatsu no Fractale is a more kind of “it’s there” kind of single since neither track fully did anything.  However, I will say Shuumatsu no Fractale does have amazing vocals from faylan and it has potential to grow onto me while HAPPY SOUL DANCE was a bland as it can get!  Album time?


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