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Maria – Good bye Good day January 28, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Good bye Good day
  2. AGAIN
  3. Good bye Good day (instrumental)

1. Good bye Good day

It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen Maria and it seems she’s kind of found herself in a not so good area of music.  Let’s be honest, the whole R&B thing is getting old and to be honest the flow and rhythm of the song is definitely similar to some of Alicia Keys’ stuff which makes it an even more of a borefest to listen to, but I will say that Maria’s vocals sound great and her melodies actually work for the song despite the style. 


I think it’s great that the B-side covered up the mistakes the A-side had since it’s definitely more along her normal style and it sort of reminds me of her last A-side, “Wasuretakunakute”, but that’s not a bad thing since this has pretty strong vocals coming from Maria.  Definitely a much more stronger song IMO.

Beginning Maria’s sophomore era, Good bye Good day I guess is just an alright single, but the B-side kind of tops the A-side just because it was more of her style.  I really wished I didn’t get such strong Alicia Keys vibes from the A-side, but whatever…let’s see how “deep into you” does next.


One Response to “Maria – Good bye Good day”

  1. Good review. When I saw the pv I loved the song. I felt her vocals were so pretty. I bought this single so, I don’t know how the b side goes. I haven’t gotten it in the mail yet. I heard another single will be released but, I don’t know when. I love all of Maria’s works. Dit was only okay. The bside to that was funny to listen too.

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