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Kana Nishino – Distance February 14, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Distance
  2. beloved
  3. Call Me Up

1. Distance

Finally, something that wipes out the blandness of “Kimitte”, Distance changes the formula around for her as the song seems like more of an upbeat and happier song for Kana.  I thought the song was pretty catchy and the chorus was just catchy to listen to.  I think Kana should delve into more of these kind of songs from now on.  Mix the past with the present, y’know?

2. beloved

Keeping up with the upbeat style, but chilling it out comes beloved.  While it’s more along the lines of her R&B songs, but with a little oomph from the beats and arrangement, the song feels different, yet refreshing to listen to.  It’s simple and well just great for Kana. 

3. Call Me Up

~ring a ding dong, ring, ring a ding dong, ring a ding dong, etc.~…Why does this remind me of a certain Kaela Kimura song?  Anyways, keeping up with how she deals with the second B-sides…Call Me Up is supposed to be the single’s dance track, but this one actually is a lot lighter than some of her previous B-sides.  It’s a bit goofy of a song and the chorus kind of has the rift from the rest of the song that doesn’t quite work, but it’s passable.

Distance might be Kana’s best A-side in the era so far…but the single is kind of lukewarm for me.  I’m not sure why, but I feel Kana took the safe route for this single with beloved and Call Me Up and called to her earlier pop roots for the latter.  I don’t know why but this single wasn’t


2 Responses to “Kana Nishino – Distance”

  1. BucE Says:

    ROFL Happier sounding song? The lyrics to Distance are absolutely saddening!

    and if is amazing, don’t hate.

    /kana stan

  2. 4nia4l Says:

    i agree with BucE

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