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Rie fu – For You February 17, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. For You
  2. Come on Come on ~Rie fu no Eikaiwa Kouza~
  3. One-Bite
  4. For You ~Instrumental~

1. For You

It’s nice to see that Rie fu returned to what she got well-known for and that’s soft pop songs like For You.  I love the fact that she included some sparkly synths and xylophone in the arrangement with the piano while the chorus has stuff that sounds like it’d be reminescent of “URBAN ROMANTIC”.  It’s quite catchy and I remember this a whole lot better than “PRESENT” (which was her last single, if you can’t remember since it’s been a long time since the single’s release).

2. Come on Come on ~Rie fu no Eikaiwa Kouza~

The first B-side is quite happy and upbeat and full of good English which isn’t surprising, but I love the atmosphere of the song since Rie fu is just having fun here.  It’s just a conventional song for me and sort of inspirational in a way and that’s a great thing to have.  She really scored with this song, though it feels really short for some off reason.

3. One-Bite

Girl, you are kinky for having a title like that!  Anyway, what sounded like it should’ve been a pretty upbeat or wild song, turned out to be quite the ballad on the single since it’s piano and strings with back-up vocals to helo Rie fu along.  It sounds like something that belongs on “Tobira Album” or “at Rie sessions”, but it’s more the former since there isn’t any help from other artists.  Otherwise, this song is a little boring for me, but Rie’s vocals are still nice to hear

Has it been that long since “PRESENT”?  Jeeze, after that fail of an album with “at Rie sessions”, Rie fu returns with an actual strong single with For You.  I love that Rie hasn’t totally left the ideas from “URBAN ROMANTIC” and stuck with it for the main track and her lighthearted fun side with Come on Come on.  Though she did cater to the older fans with One-Bite, but I got too bored with that track, but it might be worth a listen.  Still what a nice start to a new era.


2 Responses to “Rie fu – For You”

  1. gan_is_here Says:

    Actually, I like One Bite the best. I’m kind of Rie Fu’s old fans maybe…

  2. This A-side was the one that got me into Rie Fu, it’s so catchy and still my favorite song from her discography, just behind is “something in my head”

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