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GENERATION 5: 028-051 Movin on =__= February 19, 2011

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I know it’s been quite a long time, but now with the game coming out soon, we will continue on!!!…If you haven’t read the first one HERE’S THE LINK  so let’s move on with our next quarter bunch!

028: Blitzle, 029: Zebstrika

Whenever I think of these two guys, I immediately think that these two are supposed to parallel Ponyta and Rapidash respectively except the difference being that these guys are Electric types and not Fire.  I do love the fact that we finally get zebra Pokemon…but yet we still have no dolphins…maybe the 6th Gen will have one or two…who knows XD  I think they’ll do fine and while they are definitely not gonna rank too high on the metagame, it’s still good to have Electric Pokemon!

030: Roggenrola, 031: Boldore, 032: Gigalith

I just keep getting surprised that this generation keeps getting parallels this early.  Our next trio is supposed to parallel Geodude, Graveler, and Golem even down to the ways they evolve which is great since it’s been a while since we’ve seen a Pokemon evolve into another through pure trade.  It was funny that when we got Gigalith, everyone thought it was related to the Nosepass/Probopass family…but that’s because the color palette is the same.  Though Boldore reminds me of Metang in ways…but I think it’s the crab-like look to it.  Either way, interesting family because of the pure Rock type…but I’m not sure I’ll go out of my way for this since I’ll more than likely get to Boldore and not have anyway to trade.  Finally, Roggenrola?!?! could’ve chosen a better name IMO

033: Woobat, 034: Swoobat

Ahhhh, Psychic/Flying bats!  Of course seeing that last word, you’d immediately think Zubat/Golbat/Crobat…but once again there’s no similarity in the types besides they’re Flying types.  Also they could’ve done a better job with the names because they just look way too much like said line.  Though I will say in their defense that they are much cuter (especially Swoobat!)  I’m not sure how they will be when they are put in the metagame…but I doubt it’ll be much even though the Psychic/Flying type is a nice thing to see thought it might take a while to get because it evolves through Happines.

035: Drilbur, 036: Excadrill

Is it sad that Drilbur is actually the only pure Ground type released in the Generation?  Yeah, it’s pretty sad.  Anyways, Our Sandshrew/Sandslash of the era are pretty cool especially Excadrill since it has a lot of positives working for it like an amazing Attack…but shitty Defense because of the Ground/Steel typing it has.  Add the fact that Iris owns one (though it acts almost like Ash’s Charizard after it first evolved).  Awesome Pokemon and prolly one I’ll catch.

037: Audino

Oh hey, a stand-alone Pokemon?  That’s pretty cool right?  Well, if you put in the fact that Audino is the Unova parallel to Chansey since the Anime shows it replacing them as aides.  It also kind of looks kind of creepy though, but I can’t figure why it is.  It’s like iono…what is it…a rabbit?  Still, it’s kind of just there and made more boring that it’s a Normal type though it’s main you is too grind for EXP (experience).

In OR/AS, Audino would be the first of the 5th Generation to obtain a Mega Evolution.  The big thing is that it changes to a dual type of Normal/Fairy (like Azurill), but becomes a little more sturdier in defenses.  Pretty cool huh?

038: Timburr, 039: Gurdurr, 040: Conkeldurr

So here we are at the Machop/Machoke/Machamp of the 5th Generation and I must say…UHHHHHGUHHHHHLEEEEE.  I really don’t know why the creators had to make these three so terrible.  Besides Timburr (who’s oddly cute), Gurdurr and Conkeldurr is just icky.  The veins being the main reason I dislike the look of them primarily.  Though still being Fighting types, the Timburr line is still pretty good since Conkeldurr has the highest attack of Fighting types though you have to obtain it by trading Gurdurr.  Still, the artwork of it, just horrid…but there’s still more PKMN to go XDDDDD

041: Tympole, 042: Palpitoad, 043: Seismitoad

Jeeze, when do we get to original ideas eh?  I mean the Poliwag/Poliwhirl/Poliwrath line (well you could say it’s more Politoed that Poliwrath, but that’s besides the point).  I gotta say I’m not a big fan of the line here as well, once again Tympole being amazingly cute with it’s meme-filled face.  Palpitoed reminds me of Clefable in body shape and I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought this, but the evolution to Seismitoad is odd…but still kind of cool.  Still, it’s nice enough to seperate itself from other frogs like Politoed and Toxicroak but joins Swampert with the same typing Water/Ground

044: Throh

Early to get the Hitmonchan/Hitmonlee parallels, Throh comes first in the list and unlike the next Pokemon, Sawk…Throh is more focused on grappling moves and it shows because it’s short and kind of built.  Though three fingers, Karate gi, and red skin is just awkward to look at in my perspective.  I think I’ll pass on this and choose…

045: Sawk

Hey I’m biased, I like the color blue a whole lot more than Red and while the weird three-fingered, clothed idea is still there, I like Sawk all-around and despite the Hitmon-ness of it all, I prefer this one.


046: Sewaddle, 047: Swadloon, 048: Leavanny

Finally reaching the bug trios of the Generation (surprisingly later on than in previous Gens) the Sewaddle line follows more closer to Caterpie’s line.  I will say I love this line for the amount of cute that’s shown between the three.  Of course Sewaddle is now a part of Ash’s team so I loved seeing that and c’mon it’s so cute!!!.  Swadloon’s rather depressive look is what makes it cute as well…but I wonder if it’s depressed because of the reason Pac-Man is on top of its head???  Once it evolves into Leavanny through Happiness (wow) it’s mood instantly changes into happiness (once again, wow) and it gets THIN!  Still I want one of these more than our opposite bug trio.  Also, Bug/Grass…might not be good…but good to know right?

049: Venipede, 050: Whirlipede, 051: Scolipede

I’ve always thought when it came the trio bug lines, it was always cute bugs and ugly bugs and with Venipede’s line…it’s definitely the ugliest (I mean I don’t think they’re pretty, but I feel that about the bugs they’re portraying here),  Venipede could be cute in some light, but Whirlipede looks so strange and well…looks suggestive if you ask me >.>  While Scolipede takes the cake since it’s the longest Bug type *shivers* and doesn’t evolve from Happiness like its counterpart.  Bug/Poison as well?…that’s not a good combination IMO…



7 Responses to “GENERATION 5: 028-051 Movin on =__=”

  1. Naru Says:

    Lol. Well I know that when I’ll be getting my copy of Black, I really won’t be going towards the fighting type or bug type pokemon. O_o

  2. Kana Says:

    Tabunne (Audino) becomes a LOT less boring when you realize that it makes leveling so, SO much easier.

  3. Revvy Says:

    I don’t see what’s so bad about Timburr and its evolved forms. I think they’re like, incredibly cool.

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