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GENERATION 5: 052-075 No Parallels!…I think? February 22, 2011

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I told you it wasn’t going to be long before another bout of PKMN awesomeness right? So let’s just get down to it

052: Cottonee, 053: Whimsicott

So we get Cottonee and Whimsicott who are both Grass types and luckily doesn’t exactly parallel any Pokemon that I know of (maybe Cottonee has a similar look to a cotton-like Hoppip).  I do really think Whimsicott is adorably cute like hell and I wonder what they’ll be like in the overall metagame, but right now they’re good.  Sadly for me, they are the first version exclusives only appearing in Pokemon Black.

In Generation 6, it’s the ONLY Unova Pokemon to gain the Fairy type alongside its original Grass type which is pretty cool and probably helps it out in the metagame (though funny that Whimsicott’s line is Grass/Fairy, but the Florges line isn’t…)

054: Petilil, 055: Lilligant

So if there’s Black Grass exclusives, that would also mean White has Grass exclusives and that’s where Petilil and Lilligant come in.  However, these two oddly remind me of Oddish and Bellossom respectively.  I found it very cool that it’s a PKMN that needs a Sun Stone to evolve…(seriously when’s the last time we needed one of those?).  Also Cottonee needs a Sun Stone as well to evolve.  I’m actually content with getting a Lilligant since it’s pretty cute ONCE AGAIN hahaha.  Also interesting to note that Lilligant’s are always female HMMMMM…

056: Basculin

Doesn’t this fish look so intimidating?  It makes Carvanha look a bit more tame than this angry fish.  As it is a pure Water type, it stands out quite a bit.  So I’ve heard, that this PKMN has 4 different ability choices which is great for some people that like tricks and upgrading attacks and such…it also comes in two different forms…One’s the one you see above and the other one is a Blue-striped version…(it’s really only aesthetic changes like Shellos).  I don’t think it’s gonna be huge, but it’s got attire and I like that and it replaces Magikarp (breath of fresh air for some and for others it’s a downfall since Basculin lacks an evolution).

057: Sandile, 058: Krokorok, 059: Krookodile

Sweet!!!  We get a PKMN who has a type that to it’s own kind.  The Sandile line is Ground/Dark and it’s a good looking line that’s based off of crocs!  I have to say that I love the look for Krokorok since it’s giving off such a snide look to it (similar to the Snivy line).  The thing that gets me the most about this line is how random Krookodile looks against it’s pre-evolutions.  I mean Sandile and Krokorok sport brown skin and somehow we’re supposed to believe it just simply turns red?!?  I’m not sure why but whatever it’s a pretty cool looking line though.

060: Darumaka, 061: Darmanitan

I’m pretty happy that there’s even more Fire types in the game but Darumaka and Darmanitan are quite not your usual ones at least Darmanitan.  I still think Darumaka comes off as a happy tomato, but this time there’s arms and legs!!!  LOL, I gotta say I like it.  However, when we learned of Darmanitan (one of the first ones that weren’t event PKMN, mind you) we didn’t know why we got it so early, but it actually has a secret.

Darmanitan’s Dream World ability Zen Mode is it’s own ability and only to Darmanitans.  What it does is that once Darmanitan’s HP reaches under half it transform into its Zen Mode and things change dramatically.  First off, Darmanitan changes from a heated red wild PKMN to a blue reserved with no pupils kind of PKMN.  Next thing is its type changes from Fire to Fire/Psychic (which is the only other PKMN besides Victini to have it).  Also Special Attack gets majorly boosted and so does Defense/Special Defense…however Speed and Attack drop.  Very cool ability and I wonder how that’ll work in tournaments and the overall metagame.

062: Maractus

Because Cacnea and Cacturne weren’t enough as Cactus PKMN, we get another through Maractus which to me seems like a joke that mixed between the creators when they thought of Cacturne and Ludicolo.  There’s not much that really stands out for me with this little guy, but I’ll prolly end up catching this Grass type.

063: Dwebble, 064: Crustle

Seemingly looks like a mix of ideas from Paras/Parasect, Shuckle, and Krabby/Kingler….Dwebble and Crustle are a bit odd since they’re typed as Bug/Rock.  Since it is the first PKMN we see Cilan capture, Dwebble kind of stands out for me and it’s cute, even without its shell!  Crustle though would’ve looked a whole lot better without that piece of stone slammed on its back right?  It looks so weird that it HAS TO BE CUBIC…so strange…

065: Scraggy, 066: Scrafty

Another group of PKMN that has a typing to only itself: Dark/Fighting, Scraggy and Scrafty are quite something and could pack a punch to the metagame if treated right eh?  I think the names are a little strange for me, but it’ll grow on me I hope.  Though I can’t imagine Ash really saying either (he owns Scraggy BTW).  You should see the the in-game sprite, Scraggy’s is so funny…Also…half chicken/half lizard? EHHH?

067: Sigilyph

When I first saw Sigilyph being leaked, I had no idea what to think about this new Psychic/Flying…whatever it is.  I do like the fact that it learns a lot of interesting moves…but still doesn’t fully stand out for me besides it’s outside look which is still freaky to me.  I think I’ll end up catching it since it’s kind of cool looking to me.

068: Yamask, 069: Cofagrigus

I’m still pretty disappointed that Cofagrigus didn’t get a secondary type and just stuck with being a pure Ghost type.  Anyway, the idea of Ancient Egypt being the ideas for both Yamask and Cofagrigus is great and the look great with an interesting ability with Mummy.  There is one thing that’s gonna bother me for a while and that’s how do we pronounce Cofagrigus? It’s too weird of a combination of things…

070: Tirtouga. 071: Carracosta

So now we get into the Generation’s fossil PKMN starting with the Tirtouga line which is Water/Rock and while that’s nothing terribly new, it’s nice there doing a turtle for once.  I’m not sure blue would’ve been the color I would’ve chosen for Tirtouga and Carracosta…but I think they’re alright for now

072: Archen, 073: Archeops

As for the other fossil Pokemon that’s Rock/Flying (ho crap Aerodactyl has some competition), Archen and Archeops are beasts and their Attack really shows it for sure, though it’s ability makes it risky to use since if it goes under half its HP, then its stats are cut.  I love the artwork for these two and especially with Archen who’s cuuute.  Still, I think I still will end up choosing Tirtouga since I like turtles more than archeopteryx XD

074: Trubbish. 075: Garbodor

Closing out this quarter set, we get trash Pokemon…I mean literally they’re based off of damn trash!  Trubbish has charm and it’s cute but Garbodor is just horrific for me…I just wonder who thought it was a smart idea to make this a PKMN.  Of and of course they’re the only pure Poison types in the game which to me make it seem they’re making a parallel to Grimer and Muk.  Who knows.

WHOOHOO NEXT TIME THE NEXT 25-ish PKMN…there’s more to the madness?!?


4 Responses to “GENERATION 5: 052-075 No Parallels!…I think?”

  1. caitlyn Says:

    Just FYI, Sigilyph is based on the Nazca lines.

  2. supersnivy99 Says:

    questa pagina è bellissima, ma si potrebbero mettere altre immagini di pokemon(snivy, tepig, oshawott, pidove, emolga…)

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