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GENERATION 5: 076-100: Gettin’ better! February 26, 2011

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So, with 3 posts left, there’s a bit of PKMN left to shoot through so let’s get to it!

076: Zorua, 077: Zoroark

Zorua and Zoroark represent many things in the Generation.  First off, they were the first two PKMN that was shown off and started the 5th, the first Dark type event PKMN, and the first Event PKMN that’s found in the middle of the Unova Pokedex.  It’s sad though that the only way to really get em (without hacking) is with a special Celebi, but I guess it’s worth it for the mindgame of Zoroark’s ability, Illusion.  Special, but not really.

Kind of funny though that in Gen 6, wild Zoroark are obtainable easily XD…makes it seems so moot to have it so unique, but make it easy to get now.

078: Minccino, 079: Cinccino

When we first learned of Minccino’s existance, who would’ve guessed it would’ve ended up with an evolution of its own?  While I think Cinccino is kind of a lame evolution, it makes sense and it does evolve through the Shiny Stone which hasn’t been seen in a while.  They’re cute I admit, but they look like weaker PKMN in the long run.

080: Gothita, 081: Gothorita, 082: Gothitelle

So we have our next version exclusives once again starting with the PKMN in Black.  Now we learned of Gothitelle first and I was actually predicting that it was going to be a Dark type because of it’s primary coloring to be black for the most part.  Well we got jacked and it was told that it was a pure Psychic type.  I would’ve lived with a Dark/Psychic type…but could that game breaking???  I don’t know, but it looks like it’s a female-only line…but there’s male ones and makes me question wouldn’t the name change too? like Gothito, Gothorino, and w/e man is in French for the last one.

083: Solosis, 084: Duosion, 085: Reuniclus

For White, we get the Reuniclus line and I was also surprised that like the Gothitelle line, they are also Psychic type.  I wanted this line to be Psychic/Ghost because of the fact that it’s an ectoplasmic PKMN and it would’ve made perfect sense.  However, this line is probably my favorite of the Generation and has potential to by pass my favorite PKMN, Misdreavus.  Still I can’t think but whoever was thinking of type-casting both the Reuniclus line and Gothitelle line fucked up xD

086: Ducklett, 087: Swanna

Since, Ducklett and Swanna are both Water/Flying they kind of parallel as the Wingull/Pelipper of the Generation and it’s not a bad choice since I kind of like the ugly duckling to beautiful swan shtick going here…but Ducklett somehow is still cuter in an odd way.  However, you don’t evolve it by maxing it’s beauty (like Feebas and Milotic) which is a godsend hahaha.  It actually evolves regularly!

088: Vanillite, 089: Vanillish, 090: Vanilluxe

Finally we get some new Ice types!  The Vanilluxe line is another one of those bizarre ideas (like the Garbodor line), but this one plays off of both an ice cream cone and icicles!  I really think Vanillite is uber cute and it seems like it’ll be a good line to counter Dragons hopefully.  I do think the line does kind of remind me of Koffing and Weezing and the like xD

091: Deerling, 092: Sawsbuck

I will agree to say that Stantler was just not enough and I’m happy we got Deerling and Sawsbuck.  They stand out for two reasons.  First off is their typing is all to their own which is Normal/Grass which might be good or bad…depends on the player.  The other thing is that they change throughout the game surprisingly.  When the season changes, the PKMN changes as well…only aesthetically, not like the case of Burmy and Wormadam.

Since seasons do not exist in Generation 6, all Sawsbucks caught on set in their Spring Form (though it’s unknown if the other 3 seasonal looks can be kept by trading over from the Poketransfer quite yet.

093: Emolga

I guess Zapdos was feeling lonesome being the only Electric/Flying type around for four Generations, but as we turned onto the 5th, we get two more.  Emolga is the rodent of the Generation and while it stands out because of it’s dual type, Emolga is still one of the cutest PKMN of the Generation and I loved the fact they made it based off of flying squirrels!

094: Karrablast, 095: Escavalier

Let’s start with Karrablast.  The name feels like another case of similar names with Carracosta. (Remember 4th Gen with Gastrodon and Bastiodon?)  Second, it looks like another one of Volbeat, Illumise, and Kricketot clones.  It’s just wacky for a Bug type to have those odd things about it, but it gets odder when it turns into the Bug/Steel Escavalier.  The only way to get it is through trade, but YOU HAVE TO TRADE IT SPECIFICALLY with someone who owns a Shelmet.  What you get is an evolution on both side, but that is because they traded each others armor as well. It’s a cool idea, and both are in both games so it makes it somewhat easier as well…just get another DS if you want Escavalier.

096: Foongus, 097: Amoonguss

Since Shroomish and Breloom weren’t enough, we get a new set of Mushroom PKMN with Foongus and Amoonguss (say both of them, it makes a weird phrase XD).  Even though they are replacing those two, they’re more like Voltorb and Electrode because of the fact that their designs have Pokeball symbols on it.  It’s good that we have at least a new Grass/Poison type…but there’s better IMO.

098: Frillish, 099: Jellicent

As you can see with Frillish and Jellicent, they are the only PKMN (besides Unfezant) to have gender differences in the Generation.  Also replacing Tentacool and Tentacruel for the time being this brings a lot of interest to me.  Anyways, if you catch the male, it’ll be blue and pink for female Frillish and Jellicents. Also I find the Water/Ghost typing to be very interesting and makes me wonder how they’ll turn out in the metagame.

100: Alomomola

Closing the post out is the 100th PKMN in the Unova Pokedex, Alomomola (oh hey, palindrome!) is probably the most controversial PKMN that has been talked and talked the entire Gen so far (you can add Bouffalant to this as well) because of how Alomomola looks.  It’s so much like an evolution to Luvdisc that it’s so uncanny.  The fact that whoever decided to make this one a standalone must not have remembered it or just really wanted to fuck with people’s minds.  I still can’t get the fact that it isn’t an evolution, but I guess it is just for Heart Scales.

HEY NEXT TIME, 101-124….more interesting PKMN coming up YO!!!


3 Responses to “GENERATION 5: 076-100: Gettin’ better!”

  1. caitlyn Says:

    Reuniclus isn’t “ectoplasmic,” it’s a water bear crossed with a homunculus.

    ….Why do I keep commenting on your Pokemon posts like this…

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