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Haruka Shimotsuki – Kazahane February 26, 2011

Filed under: Haruka Shimotsuki — solarblade @ 2:23 am

Track Listing

  1. Kazahane
  2. life
  3. Kazahane (off vocal)
  4. life (off vocal)

1. Kazahane

As the A-side, Kazahane sounds really pretty with the opening it had with the flutes and such.  As Haruka comes into the song, I feel like I’m taken to an interesting place since it sounds so oriental and mysterious.  I even like the low-lying synths as well giving it even more color already.  I actually enjoy this track right now.

2. life

Being almost as oriental as “Kazahane”, life sounds quite relaxing on the flip side of the coin.  As it is the single’s ballad-type, life feels a little tiresome and boring after a while, but I will say that I like Haruka’s vocals just a tiny a bit more here. 

I can’t believe I passed this up.  Being the first single of the “Hoshizora Ensemble” era…even released before “break time” (which isn’t on the album…ho hum), Kazahane is an interesting single in the least and I liked the anime-ish tones Kazahane has.  life was a little underwhelming, but I can see this on the album now xD


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