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SDN48 – GAGAGA February 26, 2011

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Track Listing

  2. Kodoku na Runner
  3. Eros no Trigger (Undergirls A)
  4. Sado e Wataru (Undergirls B)
  5. GAGAGA (off vocal)
  6. Kodoku na Runner (off vocal)
  7. Eros no Trigger (off vocal)
  8. Sado e Wataru (off vocal)


I guess I should’ve known that SDN48 was actually going to cater to my kind of sound I like.  Being classified as being adult and having a sexier image than AKB48, I really like SDN for what they are since the song pretty much a dance track with a sexy atmosphere.  I will say that it definitely doesn’t feel like there’s many girls present, but the whispery vocals could hide that fact very well so.  It’s cute and sexy melded together and was a pretty epic track to debut with.

2. Kodoku na Runner

Though I’m guessing they wanted all the girls to be present for the B-side, Kodoku na Runner sounds a lot more different than the sexier “GAGAGA”.  It still follows the dance genre quite nicely, but this time the singers sound deeper and more woman-ly than the A-side as well which is cool for me.  Still a cool song for sure and lands up there with “GAGAGA”.

3. Eros no Trigger

So I guess SDN also has their own version of the “Undergirls” idea but they split them in half and both have a song to their own.  The first one, Eros no Trigger takes slightly slower feel, but it’s not bad since it does feature piano and strings along with the dance beats to make it a bit more classy.  It’s nice, but the loss of energy is quite obvious, but still not bad.

4. Sado e Wataru

Same thing could be said about Sado e Wataru, but there’s more oomph in the beats and no piano present.  It actually feels like a slower “GAGAGA”, but with slightly better vocals.  That’s all I can gather from this song, but there’s just something missing here.

Wow, for a group that was active since 2008 and it took them til 2010 to finally debut with a single…there’s something going on XD.  GAGAGA actually isn’t a bad single to debut on since the A-side is so catchy and very K-pop like.  Kodoku na Runner is pretty awesome though since it’s got deeper vocals and sounds like a legit song that doesn’t have idol wrapped all over it.  The Undergirls songs are a bit meh, but that’s to be expected at this point hahaha.  Good single overall.


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