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Berryz Koubou – 7 Berryz Times March 31, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Icchoume Rock!
  2. Heroine ni Narou ka!
  4. Masshiroi Ano Kumo
  5. Maji Bomber!!
  6. Joshikai The Night
  7. Girls Times
  8. Onna no Pride
  9. Shining Power!
  10. Magical Future!

1. Icchoume Rock!

Opening up the album, Icchoume Rock! is definitely true to its title in where it’s rockin’ up a storm.  I know I’ve said this a lot on the era’s singles for the most part but damn this could easily have been mistaken as a Buono! song more or less A-side ready.  I can clearly hear a lot of Miyabi and Momoko…and Risako I think?  It’s loud and would sound great performed live to be honest.

2. Heroine ni Narou ka!

As the era’s 3rd A-side, Heroine ni Narou ka! is a total switch of sounds from the more rockin’ “Icchoume Rock!” to the more synth-based arrangement found in this song.  It does sound there’s a lot more of a leverage between the members so lines are spread evenly.  I like the song and to me it’s the best of the three A-sides.  I still can’t believe they pulled a Lady Gaga homage in the song’s PV…


Oh the opening reminded me a whole lot of “Ryuusei Boy” which wasn’t that long ago hahah.  It’s a little more genki sounding than the previous two tracks and I feel the higher-pitched vocalists have more focus this time around.  It’s an alright track, but the ~bomb bomb bomb~ does kind of ride on your nerves after a while.  I guess it depends if you like Berryz’ more cuter stuff I guess.

4. Masshiroi Ano Kumo

Berryz usually doesn’t have many strong ballads and that’s mostly because they are just so bland and slow to really give them anything interesting to hold on.  Masshiroi Ano Kumo doesn’t do any better as it’s still kind of too slow for some reason and Momoko sounds so out of place in the song for some reason.  The aged keyboards and strings doesn’t add up as well kind of giving it a weird feeling like it should be old but it isn’t…oh well…

5. Maji Bomber!!

As we get to the midway point of the album, we get pulled back into the group’s first A-side for the era and Maji Bomber!! is exciting and full of energy.  I love the equality spread through all seven members as well since all of them bring power and fun vocals for this track.  If it wasn’t for “Heroine ni Narou ka!”, I think I would’ve made this a favorite pretty quickly.

6. Joshikai The Night

While we’re talking about “Heroine ni Narou ka!” we get another synthed up song from Berryz, but the song has a darker tinge to it with lower synths and a lot more spread lines for the members.  I don’t know why but when I listen to the song, I feel like it reminds me of C-ute’s “Tokkaiko Junjou” for some reason.  It’s probably the most interesting new track off the album yet.

7. Girls Times

I swear H!P has a song that sounds exactly like this somewhere in their catalogue.  It must be the rhythm of the song that sounds so familiar and such.  Just like “BOMB BOMB JUMP”, the cuter voices stick out a whole lot more than the more deeper vocals so Yurina and Risako aren’t gonna be of much use here XD.  Otherwise, the song isn’t much to me and it kind of gets annoying a bit after.

8. Onna no Pride

Another one of those songs that would sound interesting to hear live, Onna no Pride’s more acoustic sound is definitely sweet and at the tempo it’s at, it’s something to sway with.  It’s nice and relaxing, but it’s lacking something to make it that memorable.

9. Shining Power

I loved that Yurina took lead vocals for the 2nd A-side of the era.  I mean there’s still quite a bit of Risako, Miyabi, and Momoko…but Yurina has the most lines and while she’s not vocally that great (point in case, some of the verses in the song sound so weird with her), she’s got power and balls and really stood out.  While it is my least favorite of the singles, it’s not bad and it’s kind of catchy after a while.

10. Magical Future!

Wow, only 10 songs?  Magical Future! actually closes the album quite nicely since it’s got a synth base but it kind of reminds me in overall sound with “Dakishimete Dakishimete” and something else…I swear that synth instrumental sounds similar to Mizca’s “1925” for some reason…coincedence I bet.  It’s a good song and it’s better to hear some of the lower known members get more attention…but either way good closing.

Tracks Recommended

  • Heroine ni Narou ka!
  • Joshikai The Night
  • Maji Bomber!!
  • Icchoume Rock!

Song of Avoidance

  • Masshiroi Ano Kumo

It’s natural that after a rather good album with “6th Otakebi Album”, they’d slip up with 7 Berryz Times.  However, I didn’t think it would be this disappointing especially with how well the singles of the era turned out.  I mean there were two new songs that impressed me, but the rest felt so bland and I’ve heard the melodies somewhere else before…really? I mean “Shocking 5” from sister group C-ute is still worse…but this is pushing it.


GENERATION 5: 144-155: Legendaries…Shmedenaries March 29, 2011

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Ahhhh, finally getting to our last of the PKMN posts (I know it’s sad xD).  If you missed out on the previous post here are the links to them!

Now let’s finish this up with the almighty legendaries…well…so-called!!!

144: Cobalion

So we start off with our first of the three seperate trios with Cobalion which is oddly enough the first legendary (that isn’t event-type Victini) that you can actually catch off in Mistralton Cave.  Cobalion doesn’t have a unique typing (sharing with Lucario) of Steel/Fighting but it’s color is nice and it looks cool for some reason.  I still don’t see how a quadriped is even able to be part Fighting since it’s just that odd, but whatever it’s a cool PKMN and it has it’s qualities to keep around.

145: Terrakion

Unlike Cobalion and Virizion, Terrakion possesses a unique dual-typing of being Rock/Fighting and is also the last of the Musketeer trio to be found in the game (on Victory Road like Moltres was once long ago XD).  It is the bulkiest of the three as well, but I think speed is where it kind of goes bleh in regards against the other two.  To me it’s nothing overly special seeing as it’s weak to both Water and Psychic types (which there’s a lot of the latter).

146: Virizion

As the final of the trio, Virizion is kind of the special one since the previous two focus more on the physical damage while Virizion’s Grass/Fighting type has it more special-based.  While the typing isn’t new (Breloom has it as well), Virizion is my favorite of the three just because it’s a Grass legendary (Shaymin…as cute as it is doesn’t work for me…though Sky Forme does x.x).  I do love that it’s a bit feminine in its look and it doesn’t take away from it’s design…cool PKMN!

147: Tornadus


We also have the Kami trio in this Generation starting with Tornadus who at the current time the only PKMN that’s a pure Flying type which excited tons of people and I can’t blame them it took them long enough to come up with them.  However, Tornadus and Thundurus are version exclusives and Tornadus comes from Black.  To me, it’s alright as a Legendary and it’s good…but it’s really nothing too special

Of course Black & White 2 happened and we get an update on the Kami trio because of how unoriginal the three looked together, we got new Therian forms.  Tornadus’ new look is definitely fitting as it’s more of a avian form.  Difference is is that it’s got better defenses and speed!

148: Thundurus


I do think Thundurus does have much more of a better job on it’s typing (only shares with Zapdos and Emolga) and despite being a White exclusive (sorry Black players), Thundurus is the better one to have.  The thing that gets to me though is that the Kami trio is really hard to enjoy because of their way similar designs and such…eh…they aren’t that pretty either x.x;

Black & White 2 brought a new forme for Thundurus as well giving it more of a unicorn/dragon-like look to it with better Special Attack, definitely was much better than it’s original Incarnate form (that’s what the original Pokémon are called).

149: Reshiram

Reshiram is Black’s mascot and I must say besides the crotch fuzz and unique typing of Dragon/Fire…it makes me wonder…why it took so long for a design like this to happen since most dragons by my knowledge do use Fire soooooo yeahhhh…This was the focal point of my reasoning of not getting Black since Reshiram isn’t all that interesting to me (then again some of the exclusives are also kind of meh to me).

150: Zekrom

On the flipside of the coin, Zekrom also has a unique typing of Dragon/Electric and to me that was more vibrant and exotic of a type mixture than Reshiram’s Dragon/Fire.  I still do think Zekrom looks like some uber powerful Mega-type Digimon, but it’s still one of the coolest designs of Gen 5 and it’s generator tail is quite epic IMO.  Let’s not forget that both Reshiram and Zekrom learn two signature moves so that is a nice little thing for them right?  Sweet deal IMO.

151: Landorus


As it’s the third of the Kami trio and the reasoning of Reshiram and Zekrom appearing before it is simply because it’s a post-game legendary so it makes sense it would.  Having a confusing dual type of Ground/Flying (Gligar’s family share’s it too) Landorus is kind of cool and bit more useful than the other two Kamis…but it’s design is still a little underwhelming, but it does come at a higher level…hmmmm who knows with this one.

Landorus’ Therian forme has a bit more focus on Attack and rightly so because Landorus became like a tiger basically.  Definitely kind of the coolest of the Therians IMHO.

152: Kyurem



As the final PKMN in the dex (giggle), Kyurem completes the Tao Trio (composed of itself, Reshiram, and Zekrom), but it looks destroyed right?  It seems that it needs the other two dragons to complete itself which by that sound…it means the third game could more than likely mean we’ll see a complete Kyurem.  Having an unique typing of Dragon/Ice, Kyurem is clearly weaker…which is odd since Giratina and Rayquaza were stronger than the version mascots…who knows.  It’s odd…

Of course they explained it further in B/W2 in which Reshiram or Zekrom can fuse together with Kyurem to become a more powerful entity.  Sadly, the type doesn’t change and continues to be Dragon/Ice.  I personally love Black Kyurem more than White because of the badassery XD.

153: Keldeo



Keldeo, who is the 4th member of the Musketeer trio…or I guess it’s a quartet now???  Just like Cobalion and Virizion, it does share it’s typing of Water/Fighting with Poliwrath.  Otherwise I don’t see too much with it and it kind of passes over my head…but it’s like who decided My Little Pony should be added to the game? x.x;

B/W2 introduced a new form for Keldeo called the Resolute Form, but it’s just mostly a graphical upgrade since it doesn’t seem to really do more of anything because it turns into it through Sacred Sword.

154: Meloetta


The next event PKMN, Meloetta doesn’t seem like much and it really isn’t sharing Girafarig’s Normal/Psychic typing, but I’m guessing it does have an importance since all event PKMN are basically important to the movies…ala Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Deoxys, Darkrai, Shaymin, Arceus, Victini, Zorua/Zoroark.  Yeah, it’s prolly that important.

However, the neat thing that comes off from it is when you teach it Relic Song from a guy in Castelia City and then use it…it changes it’s look and everything to a Normal/Fighting type (unique) and its stats change to a more physical beast.

155: Genesect


Closing the Generation finally…Genesect is quite interesting.  First off as it is the final PKMN in the 5th Gen, Genesect ends up having a lot of connections to Mewtwo who was the final of the original 150.  I mean it was tinkered around by the bad group of the region (Team Rocket for Mewtwo and Team Plasma for Genesect).  It is Bug/Steel which is definitely not new…but it’s the first Bug legendary so it gets that trophy xD.  It’s interesting nonetheless…but there’s something weird about it…nothing epic like Arceus was…

AND THAT’S IT!!!!!….Should I do a review of the game or pass it up? COMMENT UR OPINION!!!


4minute – Heart to Heart

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Track Listing

  1. 4minutes Left
  2. Heart to Heart
  3. Sweet Suga Honey!
  4. You know
  5. Moreuneun Cheog

1. 4minutes Left

I like the mini-album opens with an intro song and I’m so surprised they showed off GaYoon’s vocals so brightly in the song sinec she had the loudest song in this, kind of dark but cool kind of intro.  It’s different and I must say it’s more impressive than the previous two intro tracks.

2. Heart to Heart

Being the promotional song from the mini-album, Heart to Heart might not be as edgy as “HUH” or “I My Me Mine”, but this song is light enough and yet steady to keep up with those songs since it’s catchy.  I love the colorful vocals this time around and it sounds like they actually put effort in the song and everyone sounds lively and great.  It doesn’t even feel all that short either XD

3. Sweet Suga Honey!

As I listen to our next track, this song feels like the same way I did when they released “WHAT A GIRL WANTS” and that it’s just not them for the most part since it’s more cute than anything else which is an interesting change and does good making the mini not bland, but the song is kind of just not them…case in point is HyunA’s rap…awkward much?

4. You know

Odd enough that the song feels like a bit like some older stuff, but a little more upbeat and fun (kind of like “Heart to Heart”).  There’s a lot more synths involved and slight auto-tune as well which slightly seperates the two songs, but other than that they’re exactly similar to one another.  It’s just as catchy especially that chorus being mostly in English hehehe….it’s a fun song to listen to and it’s somewhat better than the title track IMO.

5. Moreuneun Cheog

Closing this short mini off, Moreuneun Cheog is unsurprisingly the ballad track here which might be a bit less than disappointing, but they’ve gotten better with dealing with the slower songs and GaYoon shows off a whole lot more of her vocals here and it’s no wonder why she’s the group’s best vocalist.  It’s pretty, but I liked some of the other ballads more….I think XD

As it’s such a short mini-album (it’s the 3rd) Heart to Heart might not be much to people’s expectations because 4minute kind of ditched the harder songs for a more lighter experience which might sadden people.  To me, yeah songs like “HUH” did pull me in because it was fierce and we didn’t get that here…maybe there’ll be a rerelease?


Morning Musume, teh members!: Generation 2 & 3, the first actual additions..and the ace! March 28, 2011

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It wasn’t even one single that more members were added right on the second album…talk about short sticks for some of the first generation to have hopes to have more lines right?  Then again, out of the 2nd Gen, we did get 3 interesting singers in their own right.  After a while with those members Tsunku was looking for an ace or in literal terms, teh awesomeness that could propel the group further in popularity and he did that superbly with Maki.  I also wanna point out that during this time both Kaori Mochida and Koda Kumi both tried out for the 3rd Gen, but Kuu got close but lost to Gocchin….could you imagine Kuu being in Momosu?!?

Sayaka Ichii

  • Tenure: Summer Night Town ———> Happy Summer Wedding (8 singles; 3 albums)
  • Signature Song in Momosu: Otome no Shinrigaku (album song from “Second Morning”)
  • Solo Carrer?: Kind of?  She joined and started CUBIC-CROSS for just a little while and released one solo single…but that was all in 2003-2004…so since then she hasn’t done much.
  • Sub-Groups: Petitmoni & Aoiro 7
  • Overall opinion: Just like I said about Nacchi, Sayaka left on a weird single (Happy Summer Wedding brought in the 4th Generation, so her departure came off on deaf ears it seems so they were busy with Rika, Yossie, Aibon, and Nono.

The first of the second generation to leave Momosu, Sayaka Ichii like Aya Ishigoro struggled to fully stand out in songs during her time as a member which is a little sad knowing that Sayaka had a pretty good voice on her as well.  Oddly enough, she stood out to me during her days as well basically because after Asuka left, she was the only girl to have short hair like she did and she always had a sleepy look to her, but to me she always will stand out to me in LOVE Machine even more than newly added member Gacchan ever did.  At least she stayed a little longer than Aya did after the popularity of said single, but only for two more singles.  If she only had stayed one more single (which was I WISH), she would’ve been pretty cool to see in the PV for sure!  But she didn’t and left to start being a songwriter/musician which came true after joining CUBIC-CROSS and marrying the guitarist XD.  I wonder what she’s up to today since she’s otherwise been quiet…so who knows…can we get her back in DMM?

Kei Yasuda

  • Tenure: Summer Night Town ———> AS FOR ONE DAY (18 singles; 5 albums)
  • Signature Song in Momosu: Never Forget ~rock ver.~ (B-side from “AS FOR ONE DAY”) ……does that count though since it’s just merely based off of Asuka’s solo?
  • Solo Career?: Oddly enough…of the members of this generation, she didn’t X.x
  • Sub-Groups: Petitmoni, Kiiro 5, 10nin Matsuri, Odoru♡11, Puripuri Pink, and Dream Morning Musume
  • Overall opinion: Kei’s weird, but she’s a lovable kind of weird as we start figuring out that weird Momosu members are always great to have!  I still love AS FOR ONE DAY!

Kei-chan has always been an oddball since she’s quite silly and she looks the part quite fondly.  She’s fun and the times she did get solo lines, her voice stood out since they were unique to her.  There’s many PVs where she was definitely standing out during her time, but I will see it was weird seeing in Morning Musume no Hyokkori Hyoutanjima and Good Morning, but I digress.  I’m a little saddened that she didn’t go solo or anything before or after Momosu, but she did do sub-groups.  She’s quite cool and happy she’s doing DMM after so long of no music from her.

Mari Yaguchi

  • Tenure: Summer Night Town ——–> Osaka Koi no Uta (25 singles; 6 albums + THE Manpower!!! & Osaka Koi no Uta on “Rainbow 7”)
  • Signature Song in Momosu: Koi no Dance Site (8th A-side), Megami ~Mousse na Yasashisa~ (album track from “No.5”) or Haru no Uta (album track from “Ai no Dai 6kan”)
  • Solo Career?: I wouldn’t say solo, but it’s darn close since both singles with her being the prominent singer has been collaborations.
  • Sub-Groups: ZYX, ROMANS, Tanpopo, Minimoni, Aoiro 7, 7nin Matsuri,  Sexy 8, 11WATER (and MM Sakuragumi and DMM)
  • Overall opinion: Marippe was definitely not well-known in Momosu, but in the sub-groups she participated in which is a little strange, but she’s funny and whenever she’s on Utaban, she’s a hoot XD…makes me wanna get that VIETNAM photobook XDDDDD

Ahhh Marippe, I have to say she has a lot of fun memories and was one of the best members of Momosu, I think in the history of the group.  In her time in Momosu, she stood out a little bit with solo lines quite often and her ever so famous SEXY BEAAAAAAAM! from Koi no Dance Site, however Mari became more famous when she started Minimoni with fellow shorties Aibon and Nono (with Mika Todd who’s from Coconuts Musume).  Though she’s even more well-known for her anguish and lulz factor whenever she’s on Utaban…anything Takaaki says is just epic and the whole VIETNAM photobook was so amazingly funny I just couldn’t help but lulz XD.  She also holds the title as the first Momosu member to be actually dropped from Momosu because of a scandal…so she left on Osaka Koi no Uta along with Rika who was graduating…Mari didn’t have one….PISS!  I still love Marippe either way and her coming back to DMM is amazing!

Maki Goto

  • Tenure: LOVE Machine ———–> Do it! Now (9 singles; 3 albums)
  • Signature Song in Momosu: LOVE Machine (7th A-side), I WISH (9th A-side), Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~ (13th A-side), Do it! Now (15th A-side),
  • Solo Career?: Tchyup, and she switched labels to do so (like Sayaka).  However, Gocchin did have a solo career in H!P as well.
  • Sub-Groups: Gomattou, Nochira Natsumi, DEF.DIVA, Petitmoni, Akagumi 4, 7nin Matsuri, Sexy 8 (and MM Tanjou 10nen Kinentai)
  • Overall opinion: Ahhh, the ever-so-famous Gocchin has always been one of the group’s most popular members and it’s for sure because she was shoved down our throats during her days in Momosu and you can tell by the PVs that Tsunku was pushing her to be in top form.  Now I wouldn’t say she’s overrated…but she was pushed to the forefront more than Nacchi was x.x;

I think it was great that Gocchin began her Momosu years with the group’s best-selling single, LOVE Machine, but after that it seems like she was going more of the forefront simply because she was the so-called “ace” of the group (could you imagine if Kuu was actually in the group….yeah….).  Maki during her time though had many lead lines which at the time was a surprise considering that some of the other members (Kaori, Yuko, Kei, Mari, and Sayaka) were there first…it’s a bit like shoving her in Japan’s face and promoting her more than the group.  After Do it! Now, Maki did begin doing a lot of solo stuff and once in a while get mingled with a sub-group for a single or two and did her thing.  After her brother, Yuuki (former member of EE JUMP) got arrested for thievery, she ducked out of H!P and joined rhythm zone (part of avex).  I thought she was doing great, but I don’t know how she’ll deal after the suicide of her mom…it must be hard for her, but she’s shown she’ll survive….I do wish she’d come back and do DMM…but yeah different labels noooooow.





Morning Musume, teh members!: Generation 1, the start of a legacy

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Well, starting off this series of awesomeness, we have to back up to the group’s beginnings.  How Momosu came to be was a rather interesting story.  It began with Tsunku searching for a vocalist through ASAYAN and well…the winner Michiyo Heike got her dream career and became a soloist in the H!P world.  However, in that same ASAYAN, there were 5 other girls who lost to Michiyo and I guess Tsunku was like fuck it, let’s make a group out of these “losers” and see what we can do…and with that a demo tape was released, “Ai no Tane” to see if they were capable and so after they passed that “test”, history began for Momosu.

As it is now, let’s meet these 5 girls that were the First Generation and began a long career for the name.

Asuka Fukuda


  • Tenure: Ai no Tane ——-> Memory Seishun no Hikari (4 Singles + Demo Tape; 1 album + Memory Seishun no Hikari & Daite HOLD ON ME! was on “Second Morning”)
  • Signature Song in Momosu: Never Forget (Memory Seishun no Hikari’s B-side)
  • Solo Career?: Sort of?  She joined PEACE$TONE and is one of the lead singers in that band.
  • Sub-groups: None (None existed at her time of graduation)
  • Overall opinion: If she had stayed longer, she would’ve definitely gone places…she had the voice to do so!

To me, being the first Morning Musume member to graduate, Asuka Fukuda takes the cake well, oddly enough she quite the music business entirely in the process only to really end up working at a bar (kind of a silly thing to do…but what can you do).  To me of the original 5, she had the best vocals oddly enough for being so young.  For her time in the group she had as many lines as most of the other members from “Ai no Tane” to “Memory Seishun no Hikari”…but it wasn’t until the latter single that she had her own graduation song and only solo song with “Never Forget”.  It’s sad that she left on her fourth single so soon after debuting with the group which is also a bit kind of bittersweet.  She will always to me be the most elusive of the members because seriously…where is she now?  The bar thing was long ago so that should tell you something and if I remember and this could be rumor-ish…but she left because she wasn’t being treated well by the company, I guess?  I wouldn’t mind seeing her return to entertainment at least to say she was a part of the flagship group.  It’s even more sad to see that she’s the only member of the 1st gen to not witness the explosion caused by “LOVE Machine”.  Though in 2011, we saw a resurgance of her starting a band, PEACE$TONE.  A little underground news but enough to have fans of her take notice ^_^

Aya Ishigoro

  • Tenure: Ai no Tane ——-> LOVE Machine (7 Singles + Demo; two albums + LOVE Machine on “3rd -LOVE Paradise-“)
  • Signature Song in Momosu: Wagamama (Off of their first album, “First Time”)
  • Solo Career?: Nope
  • Sub-groups: Tanpopo
  • Overall opinion: Why did you leave after “LOVE Machine’s release?!?  Could’ve done more with Momosu & Tanpopo TBH

The second of the first generation to graduate, like Asuka, Aya is almost too mysterious for some reason.  I mean she did last three more singles longer than Asuka, but it was really weird she chose to graduate after LOVE Machine seeing as that was the uber magnifico single it was.  Her time in Momosu was quiet…not really getting a whole lot of focus…and with Wagamama which was mostly her and Kei (and a bit of Sayaka and Nacchi).  Otherwise, she didn’t really stand out in any of the songs she was in.  Though otherwise she shined a bit more strongly when she, Kaori, and Mari grouped together to form Tanpopo and that was good for the four singles Aya was in for sure.  Still, while people say she was funny, I never got to see that…or much of her otherwise which is sad…and I kind of wish she popped back since it doesn’t seem she walked away on bad terms…I mean she’s in fashion now, but seeing her…iono doing Dream Morning Musume, would’ve been nice, but seeing her perform with them in 2012 is enough to put a smile on my face!

Yuko Nakazawa

  • Tenure: Ai no Tane ——-> Renai Revolution 21 (11 Singles + Demo Tape; 3 albums
  • Signature Song in Momosu: ??? (She didn’t really have a song that was all her own to be honest)
  • Solo Career?: Very much so!
  • Sub-groups: Akagumi 4, Puripuri Pink, Dream Morning Musume (there were others…but nothing released physically, just live stuff & I’d end up repeating H.P. ALL STARS so I’m just gonna not repeat that)
  • Overall opinion: I thought Yuko did a good job leading H!P for so long up until the Elder Club’s graduation.  As for her time in Momosu…more lead would’ve been more fitting for a person with a title like Leader!

Our third member Yuko actually was the leader (along with Michiyo Heike) of all H!P which is a solid good thing for sure, but you’d expect that being leader and all that gushy stuff, she’d get more lines in Momosu…she doesn’t really stand out by her own IMO in her days of H!P, but some of the lines she did have in various songs were pretty memorable since her voice was pretty good (not good like Asuka’s or Nacchi’s) but good.  Even weirder was that despite being in Akagumi 4 and Puripuri Pink…Aya has more songs from Tanpopo over her…though Yuko does strike back because she was the second H!P gal to go solo (Michiyo was the first remember?).  I liked her though and seeing her back with Dream Morning Musume will be quite interesting…though I don’t know if she can pull off some of the choreography anymore…she’s old y’know and getting married now ^_^.

Natsumi Abe

  • Tenure: Ai no Tane ——–> Ai Araba IT’S ALL RIGHT! (21 singles + Demo tape; 5 albums)
  • Signature Song in Momosu: Furusato (6th A-side) & Otoko Tomodachi (album track from “4th Ikimasshoi”)
  • Solo Career?: Yeppers, though that got her in trouble one time…
  • Sub-groups: Kiiro 5, 10nin Matsuri, Odoru♡11, SALT5, Nochiura Natsumi, DEF.DIVA (also including her stints in Morning Musume Sakuragumi, Morning Musume Tanjou 10nen Kinentai, and Dream Morning Musume)
  • Overall opinion: Damn girl, you sure stood out whenever you wanted to and you had the vocals to do so…it just sucks that “Ai Araba IT’S ALL RIGHT!” had to be your final single…why couldn’t it wait one more single…y’know make “Roman ~MY DEAR BOY~” your final single!!!

Ahhh Nacchi, glorious Nacchi!!!  Right off from the beginning it seemed like Nacchi would’ve been leader more than Yuko was since she did get more lines than a lot of the members (even when more members started to add up, she still had a lot going for her and her peak was definitely Furusato although she had a lot of huge parts in songs like Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~, and Do it! Now.  Though in 2004, she kind of made an oops where she got suspended for plagerizing in her solo work and she couldn’t do too much…but this was after she left Momosu.  I was very disappointed that her last single with main Momosu was Ai Araba IT’S ALL RIGHT! since that song didn’t really give her a good wave goodbye.  She left her mark in H!P and she still releasing solo work today with Ameagari no Niji no You ni and keeps up with H!P as well with DMM being her next big thing.  Love her through most of the songs she’s had lines to herself…and her rapping XDDDD

Kaori Iida

  • Tenure: Ai no Tane ——–> THE Manpower!!! (25 singles + Demo Tape; 6 albums + THE Manpower!!! on “Rainbow 7”)
  • Signature Song in Momosu: *shrugs*, Yume no Naka (song from “First Time”) It was her graduation song basically x.x;
  • Solo Career?: Yeppers! Even though it’s been a while since she’s done anything solo-wise
  • Sub-Groups: Tanpopo, Aoiro 7, 10nin Matsuri, Odoru♡7, 11WATER, Puripuri Pink (and Morning Musume Otomegumi, Morning Musume Tanjou 10nen Kinentai, and Dream Morning Musume).
  • Overall opinion: Kaori, you keep doing what you’re doing.  Which might be continuing being called Johnson and then dancing weirdly with your blank expression….jeeze that blank look is hilarious

Last, but not least…Kaori Iida!  She’s a very versatile gal all-around and you can tell she loved what she did for Momosu and the fact she stayed in it the longest of the 1st Generation is pretty big.  As I was looking at various things, Kaori really was the oddball of the group and was the lulz for Utaban many times, calling her Johnson of all things.  She always has the bizarre out of body look to her and she pulls it more in some of Momosu’s PVs XD.  She was very determined and while she never really had majority lines, she was one of the better singers of the group in its history.  After Momosu, there was a solo career which was a 180 from genki to something more Mediterranean in style and I thought that was pretty ballsy for her to do…though sadly she lost her first child which is a first for any Momosu member that has kids.  I do love that she got the courage to return to music with Dream Momosu and it’ll be amazing!




Hey!!! So it seems like someone gave me a good idea! March 26, 2011

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So seeing as Facebook is huge and all, I’ve made a group for the people that keeps me going day by day with the site and all, I mean without ya I’d prolly give up XD.  Anyways here’s the link, HERE, and you can join and such…I’ll post whenever I review something or when something happens (like that whole earthquake debacle).  Anyways, yeah c’mon and join up, it’ll be epicly awesomes!


So I got’s 2 ideas and I wanna run it by yous guys! March 25, 2011

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Now let me talk about it

If I go with option A, I’ll do it by Generations like obviously the first together and then 2nd and 3rd together because it’s 3+1 and so on and so forth.  Also with 7th and 8th gen as well together!  I’ll talk about my personal feelings towards them and comment on their “biggest” songs (prolly singles-wise because album tracks are kind of null to me). 

Option B however is me dealing with the PV’s.  Yes, I will review all of their PVs, including album PVs like “Hey! Mirai and the such.  I will also include the PVs of Sakuragumi/Otomegumi and the 10 Kinentai groups since they have the Morning Musume title….No subgroups otherwise since there’s just too many!  From “Ai no Tane” all the way to “Maji de Suka Ska!”.  I’ll probably also review the song (and in cases, once again this time it’ll be better since I know who sings what in what song this time around!!! AKA, “Kanashimi Twilight” up to “Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game”)

So comment on this, there’s a lot I have to learn about each artist and probably each song so c’mon leave a comment! ^_^


Chiaki Kuriyama – CIRCUS March 24, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Roulette de Kuchizuke wo
  2. Cold Finger Girl
  3. Oishii Kisetsu
  4. Mirai no Hikari
  5. Ketteiteki Sanpunkan
  6. Kuchi ni Shita LOVE
  7. Shinkai
  8. Kanousei Girl
  9. Gokokuhoujou ROCK
  10. Ladies&Gentlemen
  11. New Moon Day

1. Roulette de Kuchizuke wo

I love that this album begins with a bang with Roulette de Kuchizuke wo.  It does solidify in my mind that the album is pretty much full of rock songs for sure.  For the most part the song does its job by giving us an explosive start and Chiaki’s vocals are pretty solid and strong for this song…it might be much, but it’s a good song.

2. Cold Finger Girl

I still find myself thinking that Cold Finger Girl is like too similar to Anna Tsuchiya’s “Atashi” because of its arrangement and kind of mood it brings to the table.  I will say that it’s one of my least favorite songs she released as A-sides because poor Chiaki’s vocals are just all over the place and just was offkey for most of the chorus IMO.  It has lost its sparkle after a while and just seems like messy work now.

3. Oishii Kisetsu

At least she picked herself up after that yell-fest with Oishii Kisetsu if you remember was the primary A-side off the third and final single of the era.  I love when Chiaki opens the song with just her voice and harpischord playing along.  It of course grows into more of something that actually does sound good…despite Shiina Ringo producing the song…I can tell that both could pull this song off…but hmmm.  I still think it’s pretty good…at least most of it…the guitar solo and the godawful shriek was just not in good taste.

4. Mirai no Hikari

Hey, Ujihara from DOES produced our next track?!?  Oh man, this has to be something!  While it’s not too apparant, it feels like a more solid sounding “Cold Finger Girl” since Chiaki’s vocals aren’t all over the place and yet the music is just as rockin’.  It’s a very solid rock song from Chiaki and doesn’t have anything that’s too weird going on…very straightforward!

5. Ketteiteki Sanpunkan

Of the pre-released songs, I really wish she hadn’t put this song on the album (to be honest, she shouldn’t placed “Ryuusei no Namida” here instead!).  I think she should’ve redone this song to be without any of the filters that were present because it seriously annoyed me to no end and it had potential too because the arrangement is kind of groovy and edgy…it’s just how the vocals turned out was just bad!

6. Kuchi ni Shita LOVE

Hey, synths finally!  I must say this rather interesting change in style of music was kind of surprising and yet good for her.  The beats are quite catchy and Chiaki’s vocals also sound a lot more at ease when compared to some of the previous songs.  There’s still traces of guitars like the solo, but most of the song feels so different and quite a trip to listen to.  Odd, coming from two guys from the rock band JET. 

7. Shinkai

Working with Hidehiko from BUCK-TICK (another band I review on the site) for the next song, Shinkai is the slowest song yet on the album with mostly a piano-based arrangement but opens to more of a mid-tempo synth-rock kind of song.  To me, of the new songs I was least impressed with this one since it just didn’t seem right…especially if she was going for a slower song.

8. Kanousei Girl

As the era’s first A-side (because clearly “Ryuusei no Namida” SURELY doesn’t count), Kanousei Girl was a total 180 from the seriousness of her debut.  I love the song’s more peppy feel and it still comes off quite well despite being oddly cute for Chiaki.  The chorus is still a little funky to me since it’s so different from the rest of the song, but I still enjoy it otherwise.

9. Gokokukoujou ROCK

Being the album’s longest song at 6 minutes, I wondered how this was going to turn out since I’ve heard of THEATRE BROOK before and one of the members of the band produced our next new track.  The thing that surprised me the most is that Chiaki’s voice is so much deeper and has so much more presence than before.  It’s really surprising she pulled off a song like this since it’s funky and totally can stand on its own…this should’ve been an A-side!

10. Ladies&Gentlemen

I can’t believe Stephen Jenkins from American rock band, Third Eye Blind was able to produce something for Chiaki ^_^.  I’ll will say that I wasn’t surprised that the song was what I was expecting from him, but maybe a little harder.  Chiaki first sounded bored singing, but the second verse actually put her back up into some sense and she hits some pretty bizarre high notes.  I think it’s catchy, but could be considered messy to others….Iono…

11. New Moon Day

Closing the album, New Moon Day is kind of like a mix of the rock songs that are found on the album and some of the synthy stuff mixed with chanting!  For a closing track, this lacks oomph and energy for some reason and just felt like it was taking too long to get to the end for me.  I guess Chiaki was trying to sing with emotion, but it didn’t help the lackluster arrangement.

Tracks Recommended

  • Kuchi ni Shita LOVE
  • Gokokukoujou ROCK
  • Mirai no Hikari
  • Kanousei Girl

Song of Avoidance

  • New Moon Day

For an artist that started out on such a high note with “Ryuusei no Namida”, Chiaki’s debut album was a bit wishy-washy for the most part.  I loved that she went to tons of different producers for CIRCUS, but there was kind of a slip of either the not-so-interesting arrangements and the vocal issues some of the songs…plus factoring in that her debut didn’t even make the album (but the PV is on the CD+DVD edition here) was just of bad choice.  It’s not too much of a good album…but there were a few songs that were good ^_^


lela – Hadaka no Tsuki March 23, 2011

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Track Listing

  1. Freedom
  2. Hadaka no Tsuki
  3. Hikari
  4. Mune no Oku
  5. Suki Touru Kaze
  6. Tenshi no Koe (darkwave version)
  7. Koe
  8. Hadaka no Tsuki (dub step mix)

1. Freedom

Opening with a weird mix of acoustic guitar and flute, lela’s first song Freedom does a good job showing us what lela is all about and her voice sounds quite nice and sort of unique.  It reminds of Dido’s vocals but in Japanese for some reason.  I think Freedom is a good track and it kind of does put the thought that the mini-album was going to be light.

2. Hadaka no Tsuki

Our next track is of course the title track and I was surprised to hear what I would like to believe is bagpipes in the song!  It’s still pretty much light otherwise and gives lela more space for her vocals more than in “Freedom”.  Her voice sounds pretty much more radiant as well given this kind of hopeful feel to this track.  It’s different and I kind of liked it.

3. Hikari

As weird as the opening to Hikari was, it’s fitting for such an abstract artist to be honest.  I also felt the change in tones for this song, her voice sounds a bit more higher in pitch but not too much, just enough to be noticeable.  It’s still abstract as a song, but this song doesn’t truly do much for me and I kind of pass it up.

4. Mune no Oku

They just keep coming huh?  This track does seem to bring the tempo up a little bit, but I noticed lela’s ehtereal vocals a lot more than the music this time around and I kind of get lulled into her soothing vocals and light arrangement.  It’s a pretty song and just is so heavenly of a song to be honest.  Sweetness!

5. Suki Touru Kaze

5th song in and we get into something a little more interesting yet keeping this Irish-feel.  The use of synths in the song surprised since she used natural instrumentals in the previous four tracks.  lela’s vocals feel even more ethereal than back in “Mune no Oku”.  It’s a really nice song overall and relaxes me at least quite a bit.

6. Tenshi no Koe (darkwave version)

Whenever I think of darkwave, I immediately think of Aural Vampire’s music which has a lot of oomph…though I’m not sure what the producers were thinking because it doesn’t really sound darkwave…it’s more like rock…basic.  BTW, I wonder what the original Tenshi no Koe sounds like because this kind of feels quite awkward.  It’s just lela’s vocals really don’t mesh well with the guitar-based track. 

7. Koe

As the final new track, Koe, like “Hikari” is pretty quiet of a song and it kind of loses in the long run since the arrangement is pretty vacant and left poor lela to carry the song on her shoulders.  I got really bored of the song very quickly let’s just say.

8. Hadaka no Tsuki (dub step mix)

Closing the mini-album out is a remix of the title track and boy it’s a remix.  I mean I wasn’t fully expecting a remix to happen and it’s strange that there’s a lot of synths and some of the original arrangement is sprinkled on (like the bagpipes).  It’s an interesting take of the song and I like it a little bit, but I still prefer the original more.  Also I thought the remix was going to on for the whole 8+ minutes, but the remix ends at 4:30. 

After a lengthy bout of silence, we get an unnamed hidden track and it carries the synths and smooth sound for a good portion.  lela seems to just be ad-libbing.  To me it’s kind of unnecessary and just made the closing to the album a bit boring. 

I think lela’s debut mini was quite an interesting one.  Her voice oddly reminds me of another artist I review, RURUTIA’s and they both have this kind of airy and open kind of sound that makes their music stand out.  However, lela’s arrangements kind of do get a bit one-dimensional places and sound yawn-infusing but it’s not a bad debut TBH.



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Track Listing

  1. Dreams
  2. Feel Like Dance
  3. Mushroom
  4. Dreams (Instrumental)

1. Dreams

Haven’t we had enough with HandMC and ballads?  Their last album, “San’s” ballads weren’t up to snuff and mostly came off pretty boring and just way too bland for me.  Dreams slightly sounds better than previous songs like “Oxalis”which is so good to hear.  Maaki sounds good oas well, but Yuusuke kind of sounds bored and not into the song…is that really all that surprising though? 

2. Feel Like Dance

I feel like it’s been a while since we had a fun rock song from the band and Feel Like Dance kind of brought the band back after all these slower songs.  I love that Yuusuke feels a bit more at home in the song and the song is a bit more upbeat…but it still lacks energy from the band IMO since Maaki this time sounds a bit bored…Yuusuke though was def into his rap…I guess it’s alright for a B-side.

3. Mushroom

That’s where Mushroom comes in and just blows the single outta the way.  I really thought the heavy rock sound brought back good memories of HandMC in their epic days and it showed through Yuusuke’s signature growling and Maaki’s more expressive vocals.  It might be a little repetitive with the whole ~mushroomu~, but Maaki being cute is quite alarming yet awesome!  Where was this in the last few albums?

Kickstarting the “ROCK PIT” era, Dreams wasn’t too good of a single IMO but that has been happening since “Enrai”.  I learned that HandMC and ballads just don’t go together and it’s true since there’s no real good balalds from them.  Feel Like Dance was alright, but Maaki was bored instead of Yuusuke and it kind of affected the song a bit.  Mushroom though was a new side to the group and it was a pretty fun track to listen to and I’m sad it wasn’t on album…